Sunday, October 3, 2010

C U Next Tuesday

I was checking out blogs this morning when I came across MJ's blog. There, I learned some terribly sad news. It seems that one of our fellow, beloved bloggers has passed on. I was shocked and stunned at the news. I turned off the computer for a few hours, trying to take in this information. And when I logged back on, I was hoping it was a dream; but it wasn't; the sad realization finally set in. Piggy of Tazzy and Piggy, has passed on.

The first time I became aware of Piggy was on SNICKS blog. It was many years ago, and SNICKS was the first blog I actually read. I was looking for Fleetwood Mac songs to download from the internet, and during one of those searches, I stumbled on SNICKS blog--named after music legend and Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks. SNICKS no longer has a blog, as he's now a contributor to the AFTER ELTON pop culture website.

From SNICKS blog, I clicked on a link to Maidink, who no longer maintains a blog as well. But such is life. All things have a beginning and an end. And it was on Maidink's blog that I really started to notice Piggy. Every now and then, some rude, hilarious poster named Piggy would post something insulting but funny. And from Maidink, I made my way over to MJ and IDV and CP. And it was mostly at MJ's and IDV's that I saw a lot of Piggy and sometimes Tazzy.

What I remember most about Piggy was his welcoming spirit. He treated everyone with the same rudeness and fondness and mischievous spirit. I loved his posts about his travels (and the rude and hilarious pics that often accompanied them). I followed his adventures to the Smunts, SID, Connie and Tatas, and to IDV. I also loved his appreciation and enthusiasm for rollercoasters and theme parks. I, too, love rollercoasters and theme parks, and I can totally relate to the sense of joy and fun and excitement he felt every time he rode a rollercoaster and visited a theme park.

But what I remember most about Piggy was that underneath the rude, complaining, diva behavior, there lay a big heart, full of love and passion. Every now and then, he'd post something truly heartfelt and personal on his blog (and the many incarnations of his blogs). I remember being moved by his story about how music saved his life. He was depressed, and he hadn't come out yet, struggling with his identity, feeling stuck between what society had expected of him and who he truly was. I was moved by his story about how music kept him going, and how finding Tazzy gave him a new lease on life, gave him a reason to keep on living and enjoying every day.

And I remember being so proud of him for taking part in a protest for civil rights for gays and lesbians. He complained about the rain, about the lack of support from fellow gay men who rather cruised the bars and parks instead of standing up for their rights, to be treated as equal people under the law. And as much as he made fun of lesbians, he acknowledged that it was these women who stood with him in the rain, trying to make the world more just, a better place for them and everyone else. He had a passion for doing the right thing, even when on the surface he acted selfish and ungrateful. And for all the blustering, the whining, and the rudeness he projected, he could not hide his generous spirit, his passion for equality, and his love for his family and friends.

Piggy used to be fond of saying CUNT on the blogs he visited. It was like his signature style to call people cunts, especially people he was close to and called his friends. It won't be the same, not seeing him call anyone a cunt on the blogosphere anymore. It was a term of endearment from him. RuPaul has another use for the word cunt. On his show, Drag Race, RuPaul uses the term CUNT to emphasis the qualities that make a truly great, fabulous drag queen. A true star is someone with Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent. And Piggy was one of the brightest stars in the blogosphere night sky.

A few days ago last week, I visited Piggy's blog, and I learned that he was in the hospital for pneumonia. I tried to leave a message for him to "Get Well Soon," but the message wouldn't go through. I figured I'd try again later. Now it seems that I'm too late, and I'm really sorry that I didn't find the time to let him know that I was thinking about him and wishing him well.

I remember the last entry that Piggy wrote that really moved me. It was about his journey home, to Scotland, to see his ailing father. He was on a train, his heart heavy and his mind full of conflict. He looked out a window and saw a small bird flying in the air. Suddenly, a large bird of prey swooped down and took out that small bird. He was shocked to see it happen. But then an elderly man sitting next to him made a comment. "Such is life," and suddenly it all made sense. He was able to spend some time with his father and was there to keep him company until his father passed on.

Such is life. We live, we die. And in between living and dying, we do the best we can with the time we are given. I enjoyed having Piggy visit my blog from time to time. And I enjoyed visiting his and watching him have fun on MJ's blog.

Piggy, you will be missed. You were one of a kind, and in the brief moments you were here on earth, you touched so many lives and made a lot of us smile. You've done your part to make this world a much better place. Tazzy, I wish you so much strength, and peace, and love at this time. To Piggy's family and friends, I wish you serenity and much love. And to Piggy, thank you for making me smile, for making me laugh, and for showing me that there really are some good people still left in this world. And so long as we keep doing our best, making each other laugh, and looking out for each other, we can make the world just a bit more wonderful, a little bit brighter, and a bit more beautiful each and every day.


  1. Another loss to the community.

    Condolences to those who loved him.

  2. You have done him proud Eros with such a heartfelt and honest post.
    I'm going to miss his comments over at MJ's too. CUNextT...

  3. What a wonderful eulogy for Piggy.

    I loved the comments he used to leave on Infomaniac. I will miss his sense of fun.

    To everyone who knew and loved him, I wish you peace.

    And as you said: CUNext Tuesday.

  4. a lovely tribute, sugar. may he rest in peace and may his family and those who loved him also know peace. xoxoxox

  5. What a beautiful post, Eros.
    I used to read his comments on MJ's blog.
    Every time a blogger goes, a star disapears in the blogsphere...

  6. I saw the notice on IDV's blog. At first I thought that IDV meant that PIggy had stopped blogging (I hadn't kept up with their blog and didn't realize that he was ill with pneumonia). But realizing that the real life person behind a fun blog is gone, well, I'm so heartbroken for Tazzy now.

  7. Well spoken, Eros.

  8. XL, Piggy was one of a kind, and he'll certainly be missed.

    Princess, He was one of the regulars when I first started reading MJ's. He made me laugh and I enjoyed his fiesty spirit. I wish him a good journey and his family much peace.

    Roses, I, too, enjoyed Piggy's antics when he visited MJ's blog and the other blogs he frequented. And underneath all that complaining, rude behavior was a gentle soul, full of love and loyalty to his friends and loved ones. I believe he's gone on to a better place.

  9. Savannah, He was a larger than life character who truly loved his friends and making others laugh. He will be missed. And I wish his family much peace.

    Leni, He certainly was one of the brighter stars in the blogosphere skies. He always tried to make people laugh, and that's something I'm going to miss.

    Snooze, It is hard to believe that Piggy has passed on. He was such a fiery spirit and he was truly loyal to his friends and loved ones. He will be missed and I, too, am sad at his departure and feel for Tazzy.

    Mago, Piggy was quite the character; he was a passionate human being who enjoyed life and loved his family and friends.

  10. We've got special memories of our Piggy.
    All our love to Tazzy, friends and family.
    We'll miss him greatfully.

  11. Beautifully expressed, Eroswings.

    I’ve been struggling to find the words to express Piggy’s character; especially his big, passionate heart.

    Sometime this week, I’m going to post a condensed version of this post on my blog as your words perfectly express his spirit.

    Thank you for recognizing and paying tribute to the beautiful man that he was and always will be to me.

  12. Thankyou Eros

    You have said what many of us want to say but couldn't find the words.
    I have lost one of my best friends anyone could ever have, and I thank each and every one of you for that because its through the internet/blogs that we made friends with Tazzy and Piggy.
    I, unlike alot of you, had the greatest pleasure of meeting them and although a piss taking cunt he was, he was and always will be a very big part of my life.
    Piggy thought alot of people didn't like him and how I wish he were still here to read all these tributes and messages to really show him how much we all loved him to pieces!
    Tazzy will get through this, especially with all the love and support of everyone of you..

    R.I.P Piggy! the biggest cunt I know! x x x

  13. Eroswings thank you so much for a wonderful post... Piggy would be proud! :@)

  14. Eros, this is lovely. I'm so glad your memory works - I was trying to remember some of the things that Piggy had posted about but I just couldn't. I had a mental block which you've now broken, thank you.
    A wonderful post for a wonderful man.

  15. Tatas, That Piggy is certainly unforgettable and lovable to those who knew him. He was always trying to make us laugh, and I'm going to miss that.

    MJ, I will miss Piggy's adventurous and mischievous spirit. It's hard to describe a person whose presence brought a smile to everyone's face, and whose heart was bigger than his body. He will always be remembered and cherished by his friends and loved ones.

    Carly, Piggy was always so excited to meet and hang out with his friends. I enjoyed his stories about his adventures with your family (along with the naughty and funny pics that accompanied his outrageous posts). It was quite clear how loyal he was to his friends, and he loved each and every one of them. I'm so glad you got to meet and hang out with him. I know it always made him feel good and happy to hang out with his friends. And I'm sure he's making new friends now, waiting for everyone else to make it to where he's at.

  16. Tazzy, You're welcome. Piggy was a fantastic human being who loved life and always tried to make everyone laugh and enjoy themselves. And I am grateful to have met him on the internet and got to see what a wonderful, loving person he was, and he leaves behind so many people who've become closer and bonded together because of him.

    I wish you much love and strength and serenity at this time, Tazzy. You've many friends who care about you and are here for you.

    IDV, Wherever Piggy went, misadventures and fun were sure to follow. And I loved reading his travelogues and the exaggerations in them, esp when it came to making fun of fellow bloggers he met on his trips. It's that wonderful, fun loving spirit in those posts that made me laugh the most. And it's those deeply personal, heartfelt revelations that made see what a beautiful soul he really was. I'm glad you got to meet him and Tazzy and spent some good times with them. It was evident in his posts how much he enjoyed visiting you and all his other friends. He really was some kind of wonderful.

  17. He was a cunt, and a ginger one at that.

    But if he was any different, we could never have loved him the way we did.

    'Some kind of wonderful' really couldn't be any closer to the truth.

    For all of you that never had the privilege to meet him and to spend time with him, to hear him ranting, swearing, giggling, farting, crying, or to see him look at Tazzy with absolute and unconditional love.....please rest assured that he was no different from the Piggy that popped on every blog from here to eternity with his insults, criticism and wit.

    He was the real deal, and I don't think I'll ever know another his equal.

    Love you Piggy, see you soon.

  18. Smunty, Amen! That Piggy was one heck of a guy. I'm glad he got to meet y'all and have fun. I enjoyed reading about the visit and the adventures. He may have passed on to the next life, but he sure left behind a lot of people who loved him and became friends through him, and will eventually follow him into the next world.

    Until then, we can just live as best we can, have fun whenever we can, and go out and have adventures, just like Piggy did.

  19. I was always slightly in awe of Mr Piggy... I wanted a good banter, but had a hunch that I'd come off worse. I wish I'd just gone for it, and now he's gone.
    A great loss to our community.

  20. Scarlet, That Piggy was just a character. He never held anything back, and he gave as good as he got. I think just listening in on his conversations/insults to his fellow bloggers was good enough to make me laugh and appreciate his presence. He will certainly be missed.