Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Coven

In case you didn't know, InexplicableDeVice and Tim are in the process of creating a new Coven, as three of their former members have left the astral/internet plane for more pressing matters on the ground. No one knows for sure what secrets the Coven holds and how its members are chosen. But secret footage has been leaked out!

People have mysteriously vanished in the course of capturing and secreting out this footage.

Behold, it's tall blond IDV interviewing buxom brunette CyberPete for a position in the Coven.

Warning: This footage is not for those of a delicate nature.

Did CP make it? Who else is going to join this new Coven? And was Kiss harmed in making of this footage? Let's hope not.


  1. Funny you should post this as I've just done a Coven post which is still in draft.

    Competition is fierce.

  2. That "V" clip is too much. Hehe. Thank you. I miss that show. The old one, not the remake.

  3. I hope you get one of the positions!

    My slate is Pete, MJ, Eros!

  4. Where did you get this from?!? WHERE??!!

    Looks like some more people will have to be 'vanished'...

  5. That captures IDV well, but oh my, the host looks a bit different in that video.

  6. flying monkeys, just flying monkeys, i'm just happy to be a flying monkey, sugar! xoxoxoxo

  7. MJ, I'll say! Watch out for that CyberPete! He's been boning up on diva material to give himself an edge!

    Tara, Oh, the original V is so much better than the new V! Luved the original V! The rat eating lizard people!

    XL, I'm happy being a point of an inverted pentagram! I'd like to think I'm on one of the more scenic points of the pentagram, where the view is lovely!

  8. IDV, Therein lies the mystery! There may be a spy in the ranks!

    Snooze, It's the battle gear and war paint...and possibly the big hair.

    Savannah, Cheers for flying monkeys!

  9. For a moment there I thought you were putting your keys in the bowl...

    competition certainly seems to seems to be heating up for the coveted coven positions...

  10. Princess, I'm curious who's going to make the final cut. I'm happy being in the pentagram. How will the new members be chosen? Trial by fire? Cage match? It's all so exciting!

  11. Wow. I have to say I had to quickly get some shoulder pads and a perm to watch that clip.

    I'm so glad I'm just the Coven Corallererer (damn, must learn when to stop spelling that).

    PS. my word v ~ weemen

  12. Roses, That was one of the most entertaining tv series of the 1980s! Luved that show, all the cheesy effects and the drama!

  13. That lizzard person looked like he was taking way too much pleasure in our little duel.

    Fabulous clip though! Never seen this before.

  14. CP, That lizard person is probably one of the candidates trying out for a Coven position!

    That clip was from an old 1980s sci fi series called "V", much better than the recent remake. It was like Dynasty divas meets Battlestar Galactica! Too fun! Very 1980s!