Monday, June 28, 2010

Help Restore MJ's and Leni's Missing Comments

***Update 1 July 2010, Thursday:

Cease fire! Cease fire! Cease fire!

Ladies and Gentlemen, our surge has worked fantastically! We've gotten the attention of someone who may be able to help resolve this issue. Thank you! Thank you! Your hard work and participation in this action has paid off! We are now in talks with someone who can help fix this problem.

For now, I'd like to ask you all to stand down for the time being. Do Not Post Any More Help Requests At the Blogger Help Forum for now. The person who's helping us is requesting that we hold off any more multiple posts for help in order to help diagnose the root of the problem of MJ's and Leni's disappearing comments. We've gotten their attention, and now they need to focus on the problem.

We can help them expedite solving the problem by letting them work with MJ and Leni and not be distracted by any more posts from our surge asking for their help. So, for now, please Do Not Post Any More Help Requests at the forum.

The Surge worked! We're now holding a cease fire to engage in talks to resolve the conflict. Well done everyone!

Stand by for further developments! I'll bring you the latest news as it happens!

Thank you! Thank you so much for your continued support! You people rock!!!

Click here to follow what's happened. But please stand by for now. We're in a cease fire, so no new posts for help at the forum for now. We don't want to start a flame war. We want to engage in productive dialogue and cooperate with the Blogger Help Forum to solve this problem. The talks at the forum are heading in a positive direction. And your patience and hard work and support is very much appreciated. You people are just spectacular and astounding! Thank you so much!

Original post dated Monday, June 28, 2010

In case you haven't noticed, there has been some serious issues with Blogger lately. On the morning of 12 June 2010, Saturday, it was discovered that Blogger had automatically deleted MJ's blog, Infomaniac, without warning or a reason. A day later, the same thing was done to Leni Qinan's blog, Escorita y Peligrosa.

MJ was blocked even from using her Gmail account, so she couldn't access her Gmail or contact Blogger to directly to find out what was going on. It was up to her blogging community to sound the alarm and come together to find out what had happened to MJ's blog. It was the united efforts of bloggers like you and me, working together, posting multiple requests at Blogger Forum to restore Infomaniac, that helped us get Infomaniac back online. Leni Quinan's blog was also returned. Thank you so much for your support and hard work in getting Infomaniac back. It only took us a weekend to get Infomaniac restored.

However, a serious problem still remains. When Blogger took down both MJ's and Leni's blogs, they also erased all of their comments from the blogs they visited and their own blogs! Even worse, any new comments they leave on blogs, including their own, are automatically targeted and erased by Blogger!

I've contacted Blogger Forum once again to report this problem, and with your support and requests at the Forum, we got some reply. Unfortunately, the Blogger Team either misunderstood the problem or even worse, they don't care. It's been over a week now, and still, the Blogger Team has not adequately addressed our concerns about why MJ's and Leni's comments have not been restored to our blogs, and why their new comments, if they post under their Blogger/Gmail accounts, are systematically targeted and erased by Blogger within 24 hours.

This problem is more than just about missing comments. This is about our shared history and community. MJ's blog was a hub on Blogger, a place where adults from all over the world could come together and share a laugh, to forget our worries for a bit and just relax and unwind. It was the home of a large, international community of bloggers who came together to share ideas, humor, advice, and celebrate and support each other during tumultuous periods of life. This was a community that celebrated diversity. It was a place where all minorities and people of all walks of life were welcomed and embraced, a place where we built up a community that not only values wit and humor and compassion, we also embraced free speech and freedom and equality for all peoples.

MJ's and Leni's comments were more than just replies to our blog posts. They were personal correspondences. They were written proof of our support for one another. Some of these comments were heartfelt, personal notes of support during times of crisis, when we experienced hardship or personal loss. And we've certainly lost a number of our community who were dear to us. The erasure of MJ's and Leni's comments is an assault on our community and a violation and despicable desecration of the memory and honor of those in our community who've passed on.

The continued and targeted, automatic erasure of MJ's and Leni's new comments is an attack on free speech and the diversity and equality that this community (and Google supposedly) embraces and holds to be true. We cannot sit idly by and let Blogger continue to systematically target and erase MJ's and Leni's comments.

Sometimes, bad things happen, because we have no control over them. We try to pick up the pieces and move on. But sometimes, evil things happen, because we do nothing and let it happen. In the words of Martin Niemöller (1892-1984), who survived the atrocities and Nazi death camps of World War II:

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out --
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out --
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out --
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me -- and there was no one left to speak for me.

Do not let Blogger continue this evil act of automatically targeting and erasing comments! It is a violation of free speech and an unprovoked attack on an international community that embraces diversity, supports minorities, and advocates for freedom and equality for all people.

Join us in fighting against this vile and deplorable act by Blogger. Help us restore MJ's and Leni's missing comments and keep Blogger from automatically targeting and erasing their new comments as well.

I am proposing a change in our tactics to get Blogger's attention in resolving this matter.

Our strategy will be executed in three stages to obtain maximum effect. First, we will create a surge. I need all of you to make this work. We will post multiple requests at the Blogger Forum to get their attention.

Stage 1 is to set the time for the surge. Mark your calendars for Wednesday, the 30th of June, 2010. I want you to post a request on Blogger Forum to ask why MJ's and Leni's comments have disappeared from your blog and why new comments they leave using their Blogger usernames are being targeted and erased within 24 hours. Click on this Post a question link to post your request. (If you use Firefox, Right Click on link, then Open in New Tab; If you use Internet Explorer, Right Click on link, then Open in New Window. It'll make it easier to copy and paste the following info). Under Choose a category, click on Something is Broken and fill out the Your question box. Copy and Paste the info below if you'd like, and feel free to edit it to fit your style.

In fact, here's a template of what I'm posting at Blogger on Wednesday. Feel free to copy and paste this request when you go to Blogger Forum to post your request. Edit it as needed to fit your style.

Title/Question: Help! Blogger automatically targeting and erasing comments!

I am writing to report that Blogger is targeting comments from two of my readers and has erased all their old comments and continues to erase new comments they leave within 24 hours. Comments left by MJ of Infomaniac ( and Leni Qinan of Escritora y peligrosa ( have disappeared from our blogs (and theirs) since 12 June 2010 and new comments they leave using their Blogger/Gmail accounts are being systematically targeted and erased by Blogger within 24 hours. Why?

This problem has been reported before and yet no one appears to be looking into it to let us know that something is being done about it. Is this a virus? Or is this an intentional attack? Please let us know that Blogger is aware of this problem and is working on resolving this issue. It's a very disturbing thing to realize that Blogger is automatically singling out and targeting individuals to erase all their old comments and any new ones they leave. Please help fix this serious issue.

Thank you. We look forward to working with you in solving this problem.

Remember, the surge starts Wednesday, and I want everyone to keep posting a request at the Help Forum starting Wednesday and lasting all through next week, Tuesday, 6th of July, 2010. The goal of the surge is to get as many requests posted on the Blogger Forum as possible. The more requests we post, the more likely we'll get the Blogger Team's attention. The surge will only work when the Blogger Forum is suddenly flooded with multiple requests to restore the missing comments. There is power is numbers, and I need many, many, multiple requests at the Blogger Forum to catch the Blogger Team's attention.

So please, spread the word to all your readers to join us on Wednesday and start the week long surge at Blogger Forum to get their attenion.

Stage 2 is to click on this answer a few questions/feedback link and report your dissatisfaction with the Blogger Forum. (If you use Firefox, Right Click on link, then Open in New Tab; If you use Internet Explorer, Right Click on link, then Open in New Window). It's a short 5 question survey that asks for your satisfaction regarding the Blogger Help forum. The fifth question asks "What Blogger information were you looking for? "

It's a blank space where you will type how unhappy you are. Here's what I'm writing there, so feel free to copy and paste and edit to fit your style:

I am very unhappy and angry that Blogger is automatically targeting and erasing comments from certain bloggers, like MJ ( and Leni ( I want the old comments from MJ and Leni restored to my blog and their own, and I want the Blogger to stop erasing the new comments MJ and Leni leave when they use their Blogger/Gmail accounts. Their new comments are erased automatically by Blogger within 24 hours. No one from the Blogger Team seems to be aware (or cares ) that this problem has been going on since 12 June 2010. Please fix this problem. You either have a virus or you're intentionally erasing their comments, censoring free speech and attacking our diverse community that embraces minorities and equality for all people.

Remember, click on that feedback link and reply as many times as you can. You don't need to sign in to fill this survey out. The more negative feedback Blogger gets, the more likely they'll look into the matter. Remember, our numbers count, so make sure to join in the surge starting this Wednesday, 30th of June and continues on to Tuesday, 6th of July. The goal is to show a massive number of spikes or jumps in the requests for help and the negative feedback on the surveys. That will catch the Blogger Team's attention and help us get some answers as to why this problem of disappearing and erasing comments continues. The more of us who post at the Blogger Forum and feedback link, the more impact we'll have on getting the Blogger Team to help us resolve this disturbing matter.

Stage 3 is to get the word out. Email your friends or let your blog readers know what's happening and to join us in our surge. Please help us spread the word and join in our group action starting Wednesday 30 June 2010 to Tuesday 6 July 2010. And after you've posted your request on Blogger Forum, click on another person's help request to restore MJ's and Leni's comments to show your support and post there as well. Remember, the more of us who post multiple help requests and feedbacks to Blogger, the more likely we'll get their attention. We need your help to return the missing comments and stop Blogger from automatically erasing new comments that MJ and Leni leave on our posts.

Your participation is necessary to make this a success. There are all ready plans and movements to elevate the scale of our actions to include contacting Google headquarters at

Google, Inc
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043
Phone: +1 650-253-0000
Fax: +1 650-253-0001

Leni has all ready contacted the Google head office. There are a bunch of other Google offices (one may be closer to you) that we will contact as well as part of our contingent plans after the week long surge. I've all ready started gathering information on government agencies and other organizations dedicated to free speech and equality for minorities and all people. I'm planning to reach out to them and the media to bring about public attention to what's going on at Blogger.

But the most important thing we can do right now is to spread the word about the surge starting Wednesday and for everyone to participate. Remember, the more of us who post at Blogger Forum and the feedback links, the more likely Blogger will have to take notice and step up to solve this problem. Your actions count, and I'm counting on you to take part in our community efforts to help our own. Your support has been invaluable in restoring MJ's blog, Infomaniac. And your continued support is necessary to return the missing comments from MJ and Leni. We need all of you to help us bring about a change that will rightfully restore the missing comments and ensure the continuation of free speech and diversity in blogging.

Please join our efforts. Please spread the word. The surge starts Wednesday, 30 June 2010. Remember, one person can change another; and two people can change the world. Imagine what all of us can do when we work together.

Thank you.


  1. I'm in for the surge and follow-up!

    Excellent work, mate!

  2. Okay. Wednesday.

  3. Dear Eros, I congratulate you on your efforts, and you may have noticed my absence form the forums.
    Either i am very blonde or blogger wont let me in to chew them out.
    Each time i log off and then try to go to blogger help and ask a question i get told that my user name is already taken and i can't progress any further.

    i have however been following your progress but several times when i have tried to leave a comment on your page. blogger has either made me sign in to leave a comment using my account password (which i have never had to do) and then repetitively bounced me saying that i had stuffed up the WV.

    In the end i just gave up and didn't bother with comments.

    I'll see if this gets accepted or not...

  4. XL, Thanks. I really do believe that our group efforts have an impact and can bring about positive change.

    Mago, I look forward to everyone joining our cause and help restore the missing comments and keep the new ones from disappearing.

    Princess, I'm glad you're doing fine and that you had a great birthday.

    Apologies for the Word Verification. I had to start using it again a few months ago, after I got a whole bunch of spam comments! I didn't want anyone accidentally clicking on those spam comments and finding their computers suddenly infected with spyware and viruses. Word Verification has seriously cut down on those spam comments. So for now, I'm keeping it up. Either I do that or switch to No Anonymous users option in the comments box. But at least with Word Verification, people with no Google (or can't access their Google) accounts can still post a reply, like MJ did when her blog was suddenly taken down and her Gmail was disabled.

    If you still have problems clicking on the Post A Question link, don't worry. You don't need to sign in at the feedback link survey to leave your answers. So long as you can spread the word about our planned surge starting Wednesday, we'll be in good shape to get Blogger Forum to start answering our questions and help restore the missing comments.

  5. I heart Infomaniac bitches.

  6. Eros, you should be a world leader, dude. I have no words to thank you for your positive initiatives and summoning capabilities. I could kiss you right now!

    I have faxed this morning a kind but very firm complain letter about all this mess and MJ's to Google's Chairman and Operations Mgr in South Europe, at Mountain View, Ca. Why fax? Because they are too afraid to show an email adress!

    I don't expect much, but it is my right to protest against this blatant abuse.

    The same text has been emailed yesterday to the Communications Mgr of Google Spain and the Spanish Association of Internet Users.

    No news for the moment.

    I will post it around 10pm (CET), in my WP blog.

    Thank you for being so supportive and understanding.

    *Blows kisses to MJ and all fellow Infomaniac bitches*

  7. Oops, sorry I have been malingering on the previos post.

  8. MJ, We heart you!

    Leni, Ah, thank you for the kisses.

    I'm so proud of you for faxing those letters! If anything, that'll start a paper trail so Google can't deny any knowledge of what's being going on once we start elevating our efforts and allying ourselves with gov't agencies and larger organizations focused on free speech and equality. I'm sure Google does not need any more negative attention, given its terrible reputation so far when it comes to violating privacy and illegally spying on the public.

    I'm hoping that the surge will get us good results. If not, we are prepared to go even further take this up a whole other level!

  9. Something happened a few weeks ago when blogger/google updated and added the “design” button to the format. Not only did MJ and Leni’s comments and blogs disappear but, all of the videos that I uploaded using the blogger/google video feature disappeared as well.

    I think the blogger team is well aware of the problem!

    I don’t think that they, we, are the only ones affected. I also don’t think that they care since we have not heard one admission from the team that anything went wrong or an attempt to correct the problem.

    I don’t know if they will be able to restore comments or videos once they have been deleted. I suspect they are gone for good : (

    An apology and a statement informing us that they messed up would be a nice start.

    Count me in.

  10. Scarlet, I understand, seeing as how you've had to defend English soccer pride! At least you can say you were once World Cup champions--the rest of us are still working at it, and it ain't easy with the bad refereeing and poor administrative decisions from the FIFA officials.

    Ayem8y, I look forward to your participation in our surge strategy.

    I'm hoping that the comments are backed up somewhere--the Blogger Forum has several posts stating that Blogger does back up blogs and comments.

    But if they've deleted them for good, then a straight up answer and an apology would be appreciated. All this silence and lack of acknowledgment just pisses me off! It's similar to the way the Catholic Church has protected child molesting priests and continues to protect them while innocent children are hurt by their actions!

    I'm hopeful the surge will have a great impact. I've all ready started looking up names of federal officials and representatives to contact regarding this issue. It's starting to look a lot like Blogger really is targeting certain individuals who support diversity and equality. And Blogger's silence only confirms this suspicion.

  11. I'll do it!
    but just for the attention
    (Jane K on 30 Rock) :)

    Excellent work Mr Swings. Is it possible that all of their comments are still actually lingering somewhere in cyberspace?
    I hope so.

  12. Hey honey.

    Wednesday it is. Though, I'll be out until late afternoon, I've made a note and will see you in the Google Forum.

  13. What the hell?

    Let's try another test comment and see how long it takes for it to disappear.

    Sent on June 28, 2010 at approximately 9:38 PM.

  14. @MJ,

    I hope you're still here with your regular avi tomorrow. Cross my fingers and toes.
    *starts her watch countdown*

    @ Eros,

    Thanks for the tip on WP blogroll updates. I have to work a bit more in my new home and I hope it will be better than the previous one, though I'm still very attached to it. I had such good moments there.

    @ Scarlet,

    First of all, thanks a lot for your help at the Blogger forum. I really appreciate.

    I apologize for having missed your question in the previous post -but that doesn't mean I haven't read it-. I've been a bit busy writing the complain letters to Google (I'm not an English native speaker and for me it's an additional effort to write a decent complain letter, LOL).

    Anyway, the answer to your question is I never -or rarely- leave links when I comment on other blogs -the only reason is most times I'm too lazy to do it and despite having the codes, I'm not good at it-. I tried a couple of times, but i get weird stuff like so for the moment, i just type text.

    I think you're very right when you say that they (Google/Blogger) simply don't get what the problem is. Not just Gatsby, but also DarkUfo.

    I sometimes ask myself whether this is just the consequence of a technical failure after Blogger’s implementation of the new Design feature (as Ayem8y points out: his uploaded videos have disappeared too!) or is it actually Blogger’s punishment for what they think is a flagrant infringement of their Terms of Service. Maybe I'm getting a bit paranoid?

    PS.- Terrible terrible what happened at the football match! The referree was deaf/blind/dumb and stupid too! (my sorry German teacher offers to fix the result by rescheduling it to: Germany 3 - England 2). Jeeez, this is football.

    Spain plays tonight vs Portugal. We'll see what happens.

  15. I've recommended all my blog fellows out of the Infomaniac community to enable the adult content warning, in order to protect their blogs.

    Not sure this will save them in case of blog removal, but at least they will not be accused on breaching Blogger's nice and open minded ToS, (whose interpretation can be as flexible as to shut an innocent blog down, just because someone is offended by reading the word BOOBS on it).

    Eros, I've told about your initiatives in my facebook account and will keep telling everyone who stops by about it.

    I've already denounced this in some articles about Google's performance (they're gonna have huge problems with Streetview and China) and am searching for more relevant agencies/associations/websites related to internet users, where this can be told.

    The more publicity this issue gets, the better for the blogging community.

  16. Ah well, bang goes that theory, Leni.
    The problem [and advantage!] with Blogger is that it's free, hence they aren't really going to pull their fingers out when something goes wrong.
    I spoke to an IT person about this and they told me that Google genuinely doesn't care about these problems - they have bigger fish to fry, and that they care so little that it really isn't personal.

  17. Donn, The other posts at the Blogger forum from the Blogger Team claim that the blogs and comments are always backed up somewhere by Blogger. So I'm hoping that we'll be able to restore the comments. What's really creeping me out and pissing me off is that the new comments MJ and Leni leave are automatically targeted and erased by Blogger within 24hours!!!

    Roses, Excellent. So long as everyone starts posting starting Wednesday, all through next Tuesday, we should have a big impact on the Blogger Forum. If we flood the Forum with requests, they'll have no choice to but to answer our questions or they'll be bogged down with even more work and negative attention.

    Manuel, Thank you! We look forward to you joining our group action. The more of us who post at Blogger Forum, the more power we have to get things done!

  18. MJ, Those damned Blogger bots ate your comment again! Luckily, I still have the email notification so I'm posting this evidence again at the Blogger Forum.

    Leni, I'm glad you've decided to take further action against Google and that you've kept on blogging over at Wordpress.

    It is infuriating how the Blogger Team has kept silent over why the comments keep disappearing. I'm hoping the massive, multiple requests we post starting Wednesday and all week will wreck havoc on the Forum and garner much attention and negative publicity! They can't ignore us or the problem if many people report it!

    Scarlet, It's all about image and reputation. If Google wants continued public support and a good reputation for their other services, it would behoove them to treat their free service customers (like those on Blogger) with great care. After all, if you treat someone terribly with the free services, why would anyone want to do business with such a terrible company?

    And Google needs all the help and positive publicity it can get in the upcoming epic battle with the telecom giants over net neutrality. Who's going to want to support Google's stand on net neutrality when Google isn't acting very neutral but discriminatory instead?

  19. Once more into the breach...
    Is it Wednesday everywhere yet?

  20. Dear Eros,
    Have left question with helpdesk. Eventually let me on. the surge has begun...

  21. Surge ???
    A man in my condition!
    Are you all mad ????

  22. @ Beast: Maybe it's a simple misunderstanding? Eros is not trying to make us wear serge!

  23. Scarlet, Yay! Great post! I've just posted mine now and I've all ready seen a lot of support from the blogger community joining our surge!

    Keep it up everyone! You're doing a fantastic job!

    Princess, Thank you so much for having the patience and the tenacity to see this through! Actions speak louder than words. All our actions count, and the more of us who speak up, the more we'll get noticed and someone from Blogger has to reply.

    XL, Excellent! Great post at the Forum! I see we're starting to take up a lot space there posting our requests. Other people there are bound to see these multiple requests and start asking the same questions of Blogger.

    Beast, Does the iPad not come with a Blogger internet connection?

    The Surge is a build up of force to overwhelm and eliminate the opposition! It's one of the most successful military strategies in mankind's history. We're applying it to the social network landscape!

    XL, I'm counting on Beast to participate, too and spread the word of our group efforts to restore the missing comments.

  24. I asked it and used your template, it's here. Gave my feedback on their crap performance. I will repeat this tomorrow.

    wv: ketionyl - isn't that some speed fighter pilots used in wwII?

  25. Guess I misused it with ketamin ...

  26. Posted here early this morning.

    Received this reply...Conspiracy or blunder? I think it is probably the latter. I have never heard of this happening before, so it is probably a fault in some piece of code, somewhere.

    I expect someone is looking at this problem and wondering where the problem is. Knowing there is a problem is only the first step. Trying to get it sorted out can take a great deal longer.

  27. Have any of you read these threads?
    It seems like missing comments are common throughout the blogosphere.

  28. Mago, Fantastic post! I truly believe that if we keep on with the surge, we'll soon have the Blogger Team's attention and the other regular bloggers will soon become curious about what's going on and start asking questions.

    Seeing all those multiple requests popping up at Blogger Forum is like watching a powerful of fleet of aircraft on the warpath to success!

    Ayem8y, Fantastic! We're all ready getting attention, and it's only the first day of the surge! Wonderful! If we keep flooding the Blogger Forum with our requests, the Blogger Team will have to respond to us and take action much sooner than later.

    There's no way they can ignore us and pretend that this problem isn't happening. We'll keep making noise til we get some answers and a good resolution.

    Keep up the great work, y'all! It's working!!!

    Scarlet, I've seen that post and several others on the Blogger Forum, and that's what gives me hope that the erased comments are still somewhere on Blogger's servers. All those people's comments were eventually returned, and I'm betting the same can be done for MJ's and Leni's missing comments.

    What I want the Blogger Team to acknowledge is that the automatic erasure of MJ's and Leni's new comments within 24 hours is a new problem that needs to be seriously addressed. The more of us who complain about it, the more attention this problem will get.

    So keep making those multiple help requests, fellow bloggers! Every move we make counts in our strategy! The more of us who post and participate, the greater our impact on Blogger!

  29. Thank you for submitting your questions to the Blogger forum, guys. You're a wonderful community of bloggers and you deserve all my admiration for your solidarity and support.

    You're really great and I appreciate your help!

    I've submitted the question myself in the form of a complain, obviously changing some of the words in your message, Eros.

    I agree with Scarlett, and this is what I've been told as well:

    Google has much bigger problems than this: namely, Streetview and China. Blogger produces no money, so it's not important for them.

    This could be probably a technical failure and they can't lose a minute of their precious time to put it right. Shame on them!

    Kisses and hugs to all of you. ;)

  30. Blogger just ate my comment F*CK!!!!

    Thanks Mr Swings and great work everyone. Google is really focussing on taking down Facebook right now but they must have left a few techies in the Blogspot room?

    I mentioned that the advent of sites that simulcast to Blogger, Twitter and Facebook is making it easier to become YOUbiquitous..and make the Spammers & Hackers job waaaaay easier.

    What a world?

  31. You are tremendous! Thanks to you making it all so simple I've completed stages one and two, now I'll post a link to you on my blog and hope some of my readers will join in your campaign.

    I'm wondering if a facebook page and twitter hashtag might help, too?

  32. Wonder whether my comment will work here ...

  33. Here it works. I was at blogger blogs in Asia (India and others) and the comments were not allowed in, there is seemingly a major technical hickup. I'll do my next forum thingy this evening (CET).

  34. Leni, We look out for each other. It's how we survive and thrive in life.

    As for Blogger/Google, I have a very good feeling that they don't want any more negative publicity. And while Blogger is a 'free' service, it's tied into their company's image as a forward thinking, innovative corporation that embraces diversity and the 'user'--or so they state on their home page as their business philosophy.

    If they treat Bloggers with disrespect, word will get out and it will taint their image. It only takes a second to ruin a reputation built over a lifetime. And with the big telecoms and Google beginning the fight over the future of the internet (net neutrality), Google does not need the voting (and buying) public to view it as a corporation that censors users and discriminates minorities and those who support diversity and equality.

    Just think of all those companies who went out of business because of one mistake that cost them their reputation and credibility. The Hindenburg Disaster effectively eliminated the airship from being a viable option in public transportation and international travel for the masses. The Firestone tires that exploded on Ford Explorers, causing fatal accidents many years ago continue to hurt the company--Firestone tires are still associated with accidents. And let's look at how BP's oil spill will forever taint them, not to mention how it brings up bad memories of the Exxon Valdez oil spill (a bad image that's forever associated with Exxon Mobil).

    If Google wants stay viable and credible, it needs to start treating its users with respect, or it'll find itself out of business. There's always someone out there ready to replace the current bigshot! It's the natural order of business!

    Donn, That freakin Blogger!

    The whole silence on the targeted erasures of MJ's and Leni's comments speaks very loud sinister volumes.

    Information is power, and social networks are sources of incredible power, because they are the hubs of users (potential customers and investors) who are the lifeblood of businesses everywhere. No consumers means the extinction of an industry.

    Eryl, Welcome and Thank you so much for taking part in our community efforts to correct an injustice and make things right.

    And if we keep making noise and filing complaints about this injustice, it'll get the attention we need to get some action. The first step in solving a problem is awareness that there is a problem!

    If we make enough of a ruckus, Blogger will be forced to acknowledge that there is a problem, and they'll have to solve it.

    I am honored to have you join our cause, to help out fellow Bloggers and defend our freedom of speech and fight for justice.

    Mago, Thank you for your fantastic efforts to keep the issue alive at Blogger Forum. If we keep the issue public, Blogger can't ignore it.

    The more noise we make, the more notice we'll get and the quicker we can get to a solution.

    Thank you everyone for joining our cause! Your participation really matters and it's having an effect! We're making ourselves visible, making the problem of the missing comments very public and visible to the Blogger Team. They can't keep ignoring us if we overtake the Blogger Forum with our requests, so keep posting, people! There's power in our numbers!

  35. There seems to be a discussion going on here where I posted my complaint. Including Leni.

  36. Yes, I think we got someone who could help us interested.

    Please read this:

    I've just e-mailed MJ to show in the thread.

    Stay tunned.

  37. I've commented about it on her blog too but I cant see my comment there yet. Does she have moderation comment? Or is it just some kind of Blogger comment lag?

  38. Aym8y and Leni, Fantastic! We're getting the attention we need!

    Leni, I just saw your comment over at MJ's. I've just emailed her, too.

    It's only the second day of the surge and we're getting some positive responses! Great work everyone!

    Our united, collaborative, community efforts are paying off! Keep working the surge! Your participation is helping us out a whole lot! It's working!

  39. BITCHES: Thank you for alerting me to the situation over on the Google forum.

    I’ve added my two cents worth so that they can see that I am the blog owner and that yes, there is a real problem with the missing comments.

    Thanks ever so much for your ongoing support.

    Please understand that I cannot be with you at this time nor always respond to your email messages although I am very grateful that you’re keeping in touch.

    I shall rejoin you when the dust settles. This summer is a very stressful time for me, otherwise I would be participating more with you.

    I am truly impressed and thankful for your incredible support!

  40. Test comment using my regular Google/Blogger log-in/username/avatar.

    Posted on July 1st, 2010 at approximately 11:25 AM.

  41. MJ,

    Blogger MJ said...

    Test comment using my regular Google/Blogger log-in/username/avatar.

    Posted on July 1st, 2010 at approximately 11:25 AM.

    July 1, 2010 1:25 PM

    I'm copying and pasting that comment here (and saving the email notification) as evidence that you posted.

    Good luck with the summer. I hope things calm down for you and you find some moments of peace amid the chaos.

    Mago, We're getting some response at the Blogger Help Forum, and I've got my hopes up that they'll fix this problem of MJ's and Leni's vanishing comments.

    The Blogger Forum was helpful before, and I'm counting on the forum to help us again. The most important thing is that Blogger becomes aware of this problem and acknowledges that something is being done to solve it.

    I'm feeling very optimistic that we can resolve this situation by working together.

  42. I followed over at the site, Leni told me.
    Your strategy works, Eros!
    Well done!!!

  43. Mago, This was a group effort. The entire community made this happen! Now, we just have to stand down from the surge and have a cease fire to allow for talks to take place to resolve this conflict.

    The person who's helping us figure out what's causing the problem is asking that we stop posting any more help requests at the forum. This way, they can focus on diagnosing the cause of the problem. They're working with MJ and Leni now, and I'm really optimistic at the way things are progressing. So we'll give them the time and space they need to figure out what's the root cause of the problem and solve it.

    Thank you so much everyone for your support and commitment! You're all such wonderful, amazing people with such incredible hearts and courage! Thank you!

  44. Well done Eros and company. A few days ago I read about the surge campaign, today I logged on to see the details and how to help and wow, it's already had it's effect - way in advance of the July 6th goal. Congratulations!

  45. just stopping by to say that i'd read the thread about standing down. i was starting to get a little concerned about the tone the help desk was starting to take and then relaxed when it became apparent they he/she was trying to sort it out. we'll see what happens. kudos to all y'all, but especially to eros for the magnificent work! we really do take care of our own, sugar! xoxoxox

  46. I don't know about YOU bitches, but I need a drink.


    They're now working on the problem, trying to figure out how to solve it.

    Let's hope Leni and I get our comments back soon.

  47. Thank you very much, guys.

    Eros, your surge worked! It was long (7pm to almost 2am CET) but it was worth it!

    It's late night here in the South Sandwich Islands, but I'm not tired, rather very happy to belong to such a wonderful blogging community. This is the bright side of this unpleasant issue.

    You guys are quite something, never saw anyone like you in the blogosphere. *wipes away tiny tear*

    You're great!!!

  48. Ha ha! I've just read the thread! Glad I wasn't there at the time, parts of it sent my blood pressure through the roof.
    Well done for staying cool! It would have driven me mental.

  49. Snooze, It's all a team effort! I think everyone who participated and is still willing to support our actions empowers us to do so much more! It's the strength of the people working together for a common cause--it's a most exciting and amazing power to bring about change.

    Savannah, We're an amazing group of genuine and caring people with incredible strength and character. We really are a community of amazing people from all over the world who look out for each other and work together to make things better!

    MJ, I'm very optimistic about the latest developments. Things were a little heated and strained at times, but overall, we managed to open a dialogue and started working together to finding a solution to the problem.

    Well done for your patience and diplomacy in handling the situation. Things look very positive, so I'm holding on to hope that things will work out.

    Leni, It's amazing what we can do when we look out for each other and take action to support one another. Like Savannah said, we are a community that takes care of our own. We are a diverse group of people who've decided to share out experiences and thoughts and look out for each other, and we've done so without letting geographical barriers or distance keep us apart. I think it's amazing how we've come together to take a tragedy and turn it into something empowering and positive.

    I'm very hopeful that we'll find a solution to returning the comments. Things look very positive right now, so we'll keep ours eyes open and see what happens and take it from there.

    Scarlet, It was getting tense there for a few moments with passions running high on both sides. Luckily, we were able to remain calm and cool and started working together to resolve this situation. Kudos to everyone for taking a deep breath and then putting our emotions aside to work together to solve this problem.

    Great work everyone!

    And MJ, your test comment from yesterday:

    Blogger MJ said...

    Test comment using my regular Google/Blogger log-in/username/avatar.

    Posted on July 1st, 2010 at approximately 11:25 AM.

    July 1, 2010 1:25 PM

    has vanished, just like the other ones in less than 24 hours this time.

  50. Yeah Scarlet, you're right: you have to walk on eggshells with these Blogger Forum guys if you want to have your problem solved. And it's not easy to keep your cool while they're asking questions that you've explained a zillion times.

    MJ was amazingly calm and perfectly managed the situation -we were emailing in real time while everything was happening in the forum-.

    The problem is not yet solved, but you guys did the hardest work: to draw Blogger's attention to do somthing about it.

    Eros, I will recommend you for the next Intelligence and Diplomacy Nobel Price -I know they don't exist, but I will tell the Swedish Academy to create it for you-.

    And you, dear Infomaniacs, you rock!

  51. Leni, It did get tense there on the Forum a few times.

    I suspect that the those Forum guys have to be on the defensive with so many people yelling at them and demanding action. And I've read some posts where spammers were really ugly and harsh with them. I would not want to do their jobs.

    But I commend everyone for stepping back to keep their emotions in check and work calmly and coolly with the Forum to solve this issue. And you're right. Now that we've gotten the right attention, we just have to keep our eyes and ears open and see what happens now and how we can cooperate to solve the problem and keep it from happening to others, too.

    We all make a fantastic team!

  52. Hey Eros, thankx for the update, i was just about to go and leave another enquiry at the blogger inquisition. I guess it takes a while to get their head around what is going on but at least there is some movement.. Congrats to all

  53. Thanks everybody for your continued support.

    I appreciate that you respected Nitecruzr's request for quiet while he worked on the problem.

    Apparently, they get a lot of hassle from people posing as spammers and it must be incredibly difficult to tell the good guys from the bad ones.

    I have to go to work early this afternoon so I'm hoping that any action required of me in the Forum takes place this morning.

    I assume the Google guys take the weekend off but I don't know. And I don't know if your Fourth of July long weekend includes Friday off or Monday off.

    In any case, I'll be away all Monday and won't be accessing my email, the Forum or our blogs.

    I hope that some solution can be reached soon for Leni and for me.

    We couldn't have done it without your help.


    wv: blessl

  54. "blessl" is Bavarian ... :)

  55. Eros, you are a Hero. You got it sorted. Check you!

    I've not been about simply because I have a family emergency and I've got to get back to Trinidad in a hurry.

    It's not that I was being lame.

    Well done honey. You rock. Big Time.

  56. Hi everybody,

    Gatsby has now stepped in along with Nitecruzr to help solve the comment problem.

    I have to leave for work and have informed people on the help forum that I won't be able to continue our conversation until possibly sometime next week.

    Thanks again to all of you for your support.

    They're working on it!

  57. Princess, I'm just glad that we finally got their attention. And it wasn't easy given the number of requests that are posted there daily, and a lot of them are from spammers and trolls looking to cause trouble. I'd imagine it's a terribly unpleasant ordeal trying to figure out who's a genuine blogger and who's a spammer/troll looking to cause trouble.

    Now that we've gotten their attention and convinced them that we are genuine bloggers, not spammers or trolls, we can finally start working towards a resolution to the problem of MJ's and Leni's missing and vanishing comments. Your help and support made a big difference in getting Blogger's attention. Thank you for your support!

    MJ, You are handling the discussions very well with your patience and diplomacy. Things are heading in a very positive and productive direction.

    I'm glad we're cooperating with the Blogger Team to solve this problem. And I'm glad that Nitecruzr is working hard with you to figure out what's going on and help solve the problem.

    The hardest part was convincing them that we weren't spammers. And there sure are a lot of trolls and spammers on the Blogger Help Forum. I'm happy we're able to convince them that there is a genuine, new problem, one that hasn't been reported before and that Google is now investigating.

    Nitecruzr has left a message for you to post on his blog when you find the time to work on this problem.


    Mago, When I hear Bavaria, I think of dessert, Bavarian cream, delicious!

    Roses, I understand that you've some very important family matters to tend to. That comes first. We'll be thinking of you in this difficult time.

    Don't worry about us. You've all ready done more than enough by showing your support since the very beginning of this crisis. Now let us support you at this time.

    You take very good care of yourself and your family. I wish you so much strength and serenity and much love as you travel home to be with your family. We'll keep you in our thoughts.

    MJ, We'll be here with you all the way. Things are looking very positive at this time, and I'm really hopeful that with Gatsby on board now, we can solve this problem.

    Nitecruzr left a message on the forum asking that you drop by his blog when you have time to resume working on the problem.

    Have a great weekend!

    Thank you so much everyone for your support and cooperation! The success and positive progress we're making is possible because you took the time and took action to support us. You are an amazing and astounding group of people! Thank you!

  58. Let's hope that Gatsby and Nitecruzr come up with a solution.

    I've posted a comment on Nitecruzr's blog as requested.

    If anyone else in our group plans to comment on his blog, let's remember that we are guests on his blog and we should remain respectful.

    Whether we agree with his outlook or not, he is trying to sort out the problem for us.

    Remember...he doesn't know us the way that WE know us. We know we are strong and supportive and ... dare I say it? ... a loving community.

    *fecks off singing "We Are Family" like a Pointer Sister*

    Okay, a DEMENTED Pointer Sister but a Pointer Sister nonetheless.

  59. And what the hell happened to my Mix 'N' Mingle Party?

    I don't see much in the way of Mixin'.

    Or Minglin' either for that matter!

  60. Thank you for understanding.

    I've decided to take my laptop out with me so you won't get rid of me so easily. If I can do anything to help, I will.

    Hope you have a great summer.

    And MJ is right, this is a loving community.

  61. MJ, Ha! These past few weeks have turned us into Twisted Sister!

    "we're Not Gonna Take It, No!
    no, We Ain't Gonna Take It
    we're Not Gonna Take It Anymore"

    It would appear that the Mix & Mingle had evolved into a mustering of the troops into action.

    I'm really glad we've gotten Gatsby and Nitecruzr involved. And I trust that everyone will respect Nitecruzr's blog and let the investigation and talks proceed in a calm, respectful, productive manner.

    I'm really optimistic that we can get the old comments restored and keep the new ones you and Leni leave from disappearing.

    Roses, You have a safe trip and we'll be with you the whole time. We are a supportive and loving community. We genuinely care for each other and help each other out when we can.

    We'll be keeping you in our thoughts and wishing you well.

  62. Stay in touch, Roses. We'll be thinking of you.

    Thanks, Eros. My life at the moment is a mix of drama and deadlines. I don't need this comment problem on top of it. But life has a way of throwing everything at you at once and saying "Deal with it!"

    I'm trying to remain calm through it all as losing my cool won't accomplish anything.

    *exits singing "I Will Survive"*

  63. MJ, I hope things calm down for you. The most important thing now is that Blogger has started investigating the issue and that's a big plus. We'll keep vigilant and do what we can to make sure the problem gets resolved. You do what you need to do and let us take care of the rest.

    I hope this stress and chaos hasn't cut into your World Cup viewing time--I opted for a day off yesterday to watch the quarterfinals! And I'm tempted to take off for the semifinals next week!

  64. Eros honey thank you so much, I just saw the change to your blog roll. You is good people.

    Drop me an e-mail sometime, if you would like?

  65. Roses, Thanks. You have a good week and a safe journey back to the islands.

  66. This comment has been removed by the author.

  67. Ooops...trying again.

    Here I am with yet another test comment posted on July 5, 2010 at approximately 8:41 AM.

  68. MJ, I'm copying this for evidence.

    Comment deleted

    This post has been removed by the author.

    July 5, 2010 8:39 AM
    Blogger MJ said...

    Ooops...trying again.

    Here I am with yet another test comment posted on July 5, 2010 at approximately 8:41 AM.

    July 5, 2010 8:41 AM

    I was over at Nitecruzr's blog and it seems that he's forwarded further evidence to Gatsby about what's happening to the comments being erased automatically by Blogger. I imagine after the weekend holiday, they'll start working soon on it and let us know what's going to happen. I'm hopeful we'll get a resolution soon.

  69. This should be your 71st comment, but it looks like there is a new bug on the blogs and this comment may not be counted.
    I'm going back to bed. See you at Christmas.

  70. ...there is something very funny going on...

  71. All comments seem to be disappearing at the moment.

  72. Guys, please go to Scarlet's and Savannah's blogs.

    More blogs are having their comments eaten by Blogger. It seems it's getting VERY serious.


    PS.- Blogger won't allow Open ID or Name/URL comments. This is why I'm posting anonimous.

  73. Your counter says 75 comments, but there are only 72 in the comment form, just for your info.

    I hope they fix it soon.


  74. MJ, Your test comment has once again disappeared.

    Scarlet, I was over at the forums earlier this morning and I started seeing posts start to pour in about vanishing comments. I was starting to wonder if it's related to MJ's and Leni's problem. It's affecting quite a number of people and I see that Google is working on resolving it. Hopefully, they'll resolve what's happening to MJ's and Leni's comments. I can't help but think there's a link.

    Ayem8y, I just popped over the Blogger Help Forum once more to find even more help requests about disappearing comments. I wonder if it's related to MJ's and Leni's missing comments. I've a feeling that if they can restore the other people's missing comments (and it seems that they've started to), then they should be able to fix MJ's and Leni's vanishing comments problem.

    Leni, I was reading the Blogger Help Forum a few minutes ago and earlier in the day. It seems that the disappearing comments is a wide spread problem. I'm hoping they'll be able to fix it.

    I know that there is usually a discrepancy between the comments count and the actual comments that show. The missing comments are usually MJ's, the ones she posts using her Blogger login/account.

    Let's hope Google solves this problem quick!

  75. It's not only happening with our little group of's with blogs I've never even heard of.

    As Eroswings said, the posts are pouring in about it.

    You can see it both in the help forum and if you do a Google blog search on variations of the words "comments" with either "disappearing" or "missing" etc. You'll see that it's happening with loads of different people completely unrelated to our group.

  76. True, MJ and Eroswings.

    MJ, do you think they were trying to fix our comments isuses but they screwed up? LOL

    I've also been told about blogs I've never heard of having the same problem. I hope everything gets fixed soon -of course, including MJ's and mine!

    Today it was a bit crazy.

  77. The dust will settle and then we'll see clear. But generally, what is your assessment Eros: Will another combined action be necessary?

    I mean simply that we have no result yet: The comments keep getting deleted.
    Now blogger had even bigger troubles with comments.
    (My personal explanation is that somewhere a server went bang or malware came in.)

    Nightcruizer saied he would forward the problem to the great Gatsby. I am sure Nightcruizer did this, and google knows about the problem.
    But sometimes in the near future we should ask how things stand and how how long this will continue. And whether the missing (old, not actual) comments will be restored.

    Some clear answers would be nice, and a little "sorry" maybe too. These are just thoughts about the actual situation and what will be in the coming days.

  78. Right, Mago, there's something very unpleasant about this issue: that they never bother to explain what the hell is going on.

    So there's a high degree of uncertainty and insecurity about Blogger's technical issues.

    I find it very unprofessional to have to wait for a forum reply from someone who is not even a Google employee (if the Nitecruzr guys think it's worth it ... "we'll escalate this to Google" they often say). That's just not serious work, in my opinion.

    They don't need to explain the technical problems in detail, but some information would be welcomed.

    And yes, a soft apology would make them sound more reliable and nice.

  79. MJ, I'm hoping that this recent comments vanishing fiasco has gotten all the Blogger employees attention. I've seen a few actually posting on the Forum!

    I'm currently pondering the next move. I figure tomorrow would make it a week since Blogger finally looked into our postings. I'll test the waters soon and figure out the best way to go forth from there. The important thing is to stay visible, while at the same time, not alienate any support from the Forum and Blogger. We want a resolution, and I think that we can reach that resolution much faster through collaboration.

    Leni, If anything this whole mass disappearing comments fiasco yesterday had clearly gotten Blogger's attention. I've seen a few of their employees come out of the woodwork and work to solve the problem. Now that they're paying attention, I want to make sure that you and MJ's missing comments get their attention as well. Hopefully, with other Blogger employees on the Forum now, we can get even more help to resolve this issue. But I have a feeling that they're actually freaked out now and trying hard to figure out what's going on.

    Mago, I'm currently thinking about how to proceed and which course of action is the best possible to achieve a solution to restore MJ's and Leni's comments.

    I'm going to test the waters and see what happens. I'm trying to figure out how to keep Blogger engaged in investigating and solving the problem without alienating any support from other bloggers and Google employees willing to help us. A week should've been enough time to find something, anything to explain what is happening with MJ's and Leni's comments.

    Give me a little more time to work out the alternative plans of action. One thing for sure, Google employees are paying attention now, esp. with the comments blackout/disappearances from yesterday.

    Leni, I've noticed that those Top Contributors on the forum are kind of like volunteers--fellow bloggers who've taken it upon themselves to try and help out other bloggers with issues, esp considering that Blogger (nor Google) does not seem to have a customer support service (or they don't have a very effective one).

    I think those Top Contributors, like Nitecruzr, can help get Google's attention. That's helpful, since I've a feeling that there aren't enough technicians/engineers to provide great customer/tech support for the millions of Blogs on blogspot. Having someone like Nitecruzr's support helps keeps our problem visible--which is what we want--and will most likely get Blogger's attention much faster.

    Since the mass disappearing comments fiasco of yesterday, I've seen a bunch of other Google employees start posting on the forum. That's a good thing! That means they're actually responding to the problem. I want to make sure they also respond to ours--namely, the return of you and MJ's disappearing comments and keep the new comments you both post from vanishing.

    Troops, I'm currently pondering several alternatives to figure out how to proceed from here. For now, I'm doing some intelligence gathering and scouting out the Forum terrain and developments. I'll have a better idea of what our next course of action will be once I test the waters.

  80. ***twangs MJ's knicker elastic and runs off****

  81. Dude, really, where would we be without you? The blogosphere needs more Erowingses. :)

    All I can say for now is a big loud THANK YOU.

    I can't wait to hear more about your new ideas.

  82. Beast, Save your energy for a future deployment plan in recovering MJ's and Leni's missing comments.

    Leni, I'm currently fine tuning some of the contingency plans. But it seems like something is going on with Blogger!

    Earlier, about 15 minutes ago when I got on my blog, your comments and MJ's comments were visible!

    But when I signed in to comment, they were both gone again! But they were there, and all the old comments were there, too.

    Something is going on. I think they're really working on it!

    MJ, I may have a plan to put Beasts energy to good use.

    But hey, something's going on at Blogger!

    Earlier, about 15 minutes ago when I got online, all your comments, including the old ones and new ones, were visible! And my comment count matched the number of comments in the pop up box!

    And when I went over to visit your blog, I saw your old comments there; but now they're gone.

    When I signed in to comment, the comments vanished for some reason. But the good news is, it seems that Blogger really is working on restoring the missing comments, so we'll see what happens and act accordingly.

    But it's a good sign. And the old test comment (the second one) you left at Nitecruzr's blog is still visible, so that's a positive sign.

    I really do believe that they're working on it now. It's a positive sign that things are heading in the right direction.