Saturday, June 12, 2010

Help restore Infomaniac

Some of you may have noticed that the link to Infomaniac shows that the blog has been removed by Blogger. This was done overnight and without warning. Infomaniac is one of my favorite places to visit online, because there are great people who visit there and share laughter and ideas and help keep blogging alive. It's where I met most of my blogging friends and encountered so many great people with fascinating ideas and views.

Since MJ, the owner, is unable to even sign into Gmail or Blogger to report this problem, I've posted at the Blogger Help site for assistance in resolving this matter. I asked the Blogger Team for help here. I'm asking for your support in resolving this matter. The more people we can get to request the Blogger Team to help resolve this problem, the more likely we'll be able to get Blogger's attention and get a quick, effective response. So please head on over to the help link here and ask the Blogger Team to restore Infomaniac. Click on the Post a question link on the sidebar to post your request to restore Infomaniac.

Your help is appreciated. Thank you.


  1. Also all of her comments have disappeared. I didn't know the comments would be deleted. Was it Blogger or something more sinister?

  2. good call, sugar! i'm linking to y'all from my post about MJ and adding my request to yours too. xoxoxoxx y'all are a good man! MJ! xoxox

  3. Bah! Blogger/Google got all snippy in response to AyeM8y's plea to free MJ and said that only MJ herself can sort this out.


  4. Hello Eros - I put her comments of this afternoon up.

  5. The answer says that only MJ could start a discussion. Fine. No blog, no g-mail-account, no comments left. Who's dat MJ?

  6. Ayem8ty, I don't know what happened, other than Infomaniac disappeared overnight and MJ can't access Gmail or Blogger to report the problem. And it is creepy how all her comments have disappeared, too!

    And thank you for putting up a complaint at Blogger forum. The more people who speak up, the more likely we'll get results. So keep up the good work, fellow bloggers!

    XL, Hear! Hear! We need our MJ fix!

    Savannah, Thank you for taking part in our protest to free MJ! I do believe in the power of the people and the community to work together to get things done. Yes, we can!

    IDV, See? We're all ready getting a response! That's a start, now we just gotta keep on pushing forward to build up momentum and get a satisfying resolution. Keep up the good work, ya'll! It's having an effect!

    Mago, Thanks for posting about MJ's situation. I think it's great we got an answer. That means that the more of us asking that Blogger to investigate the matter, the more likely Blogger will have to step up to solve the problem. So keep posting help questions at Blogger! The more of us who take part and post that Blogger restore Infomaniac, the more likely Blogger will respond to our requests, esp. since MJ can't access Gmail or Blogger to report the problem.

  7. FREE MJ!!!!!!

    I. Am. Devestated.

  8. Eros, I can't thank you enough for being my knight in shining armour on this issue.

    I'm very touched by the display of affection you've all shown me.


    The least they could have done was sent me a cautionary email if they felt I had violated some term of service. I still have no idea why I've been banished.

    An update to let you know that earlier today I was getting a “server error” message when I tried to contact Google. I’ve just now managed to get the message through. If I get a response from Google, I’ll let you know.

  9. Excellent I was just writing jotting down my thoughts on this.
    Why now? How many complaints? Why? Is it because they are losing so many people to Facebook?
    MJ didn't violate any of the terms in their content policy?

    It makes me very nervous when some asshat can delete five years of blogging with a click...WTF!?

    Thanks Mr Swings.

  10. I go out to a Ball, have a hangover and all Hell breaks loose.

    I've blogged and put a link to your action plan, Eros.

    This is appalling.

  11. I've set up a Facebook page, the link is over at my blog.

    Maybe if we create enough of a stink, they'll resort MJ.


  12. This is all very strange and I find it horrific that (as MJ herself noted above) she didn't even get a warning message if in fact Google deliberately deleted her and this wasn't some sort of hacker situation. I hope she's back up and running soon!

  13.'s not even Filthy Friday!

  14. sugar, is it possible to do a backup for all of my posts? if so, can i include comments? there are so many beautiful/supportive/funny comments i would hate to lose. *sigh* i hate being paranoid, but it seems sometimes....

  15. My apologies if I don't get 'round to visit everyone's blogs over the next couple of days.

    I'll be 'round to visit as soon as possible.

    My computer is dying on top of everything else that's happening.

  16. Boxer, It's a big shock to all of us. I've decided that I can't just sit by and let this travesty happen. We've got to take action!

    MJ, It just goes to show how important you are to the our blogging community.

    I sure do hope that things get resolved soon and satisfactorily. In the meantime, we'll keep posting on that Blogger Forum demanding answers and action to restore Infomanaiac. We're all ready getting some response from Blogger, so you know our group efforts are having an effect.

    Keep up the good work, people! Keep posting and asking Blogger to explain why Infomaniac was deleted without warning and to restore Infomanaic now! It's making those Blogger people take notice!

    Donn, If they think they can just delete us without a fuss, then they're wrong! They take out one of us, then they have to deal with the rest of us! In one day, we've all ready started several postings at Blogger Forum, asking why Infomaniac was deleted without warning and demanding Infomaniac be restored. That's gotten Blogger's attention, as we are starting to get responses from the Blogger team.

    If we continue to post our questions at Blogger Forum asking that Infomaniac be restored, it's only going to get more attention and make our voices much louder and will likely help us get some answers. I don't think Google needs any more negative attention, especially given the fact that it has involved itself in criminal spying activity in several foreign countries.

    Roses, I know, it's outrageous, isn't it? To be deleted without warning? And lose all those comments on other blogs, too!

    Thank you for taking part in our action plan and for advancing our cause. United we stand. And there is strength in our numbers!

  17. XL, No Justice! No Peace!

    Snooze, It is an insult and a travesty that this happened at all! There really was no valid reason to delete Infomaniac in the first place. That's why we're putting the pressure on Blogger to respond to all our posts at Blogger Forum.

    The more we post there, the more attention this situation gets, and the more likely the Blogger team will have to respond. They don't need anymore negative attention at Google. Let's hope everything is set right soon.

    Jill, I know! Yet, Blogger is trying to screw us over!

    Savannah, There are a few ways I'm aware of to back up your blog and comments. I know some people have tried to export their blogs to Wordpress. Most have been successful in keeping their comments intact. But a few reported data loss.

    The only sure (and slow) way I can think of saving all your posts and their comments is by clicking on each individual post, then click on File in the browser menu, then Click Save File as Web Page, complete; save the file in a folder marked with your blog name. But that's a lot of posts to go through and save. And it's best to be prepared.

    MJ, I hope that things are resolved quickly and accordingly. Blogging isn't the same without you or Infomaniac. We've got your back!

  18. I landed on the Blogger Forum this morning. Perhaps it's cause I've only had one cup of coffee...but what does Dark UFO mean?

    Steps? What?

    I've got to go to work (yeah I know) but I'll be back later and if you give me the Action Plan, I'll start writing out the placards.

  19. Roses, Our multiple postings for assistance at the Blogger Forum and our united voices have gotten some results.

    Dark UFO is part of the Blogger Team, and he's outlined 5 steps in which Infomaniac may be restored--hopefully, soon. The links in his response explain why this has happened (It's all those dang spammers who clog up Blogger and steal and copy our postings to their splogs--spam blogs!). Each step is simple to follow, and it's up to MJ now to create a new gmail account--if she still is unable to access her gmail--and start the 5 step process.

    The steps are really easy to follow; and the linked article combined take less than ten minutes to read. But they are important. If MJ can access her gmail/create a new gmail, we may see the return of Infomaniac to the masses. Let's hope MJ finds some free time and good computer access to start the process of Freeing Infomaniac. We'll support her the whole way.

    Thank you everyone for your support and joint action. Our complaints and posted concerns at the Blogger Forum is getting effective results. Keep up the good work, people! We're doing a fantastic job!

  20. Hey that's really amazing! Good for you and hopefully MJ will be up and running soon. It was very alarming to think that Google could just erase any of us. At least now there seems to be some sort of remedy

  21. This is an outrage
    ***Beast waves Union Jack underShorts in the air and farts God Save MJ( To the tune of God save The Queen obviously)***

  22. Eros: I'm hoping I can set up a new email next week. I'm hope the 5 steps are simple as you say because I'm techinically challenged. My PC is still working (but slowing down) but I have to have everything transferred over to the new one soon and that's eating into my time along with everything else I have to do. If you knew how much is going on here you'd know why working on my blog isn't a priority at the moment. But I do want my blog and my Gmail account back. Very much so. It's just that it's a hotbed of activity around here and I'm getting a headache just trying to organize everything. Apologies for sounding so down. I'm incredibly nauseous at the moment (medical reasons...nothing to worry about..although Beast's farts didn't help) so say hello to all the others for me as I don't think I can pop 'round to more blogs after this one.

  23. *hugs MJ gently, pats back and hands her a glass of Bolly*

    We'll wait for you honey. You know we will.

    Eros, by the way, the post you put up in the Blogger Forum was awesome. Controlled and straight to the point. Good job.

    *hands Eros a glass of Bolly*

    My wv: baboos

    How fantastic is that?

  24. Snooze, It would appear that Google is making an effort to eliminate the splogs--spam blogs--that clog up blogspot. The Blogger Team admits that the current automatic screening bot to eliminate splogs is not perfect, as there are some false positives when identifying splogs. The problem is a result of splogs (their creepy owners) stealing legitimate blog posts (esp. from popular blogs) and copying and pasting these contents on their splogs to make their splogs look legitimate (and catch people unawares). The 5 step review process was created to ensure that legitimate blogs can be restored while splogs (and their owners) can be purged. It's not a perfect system, but it's better than nothing.

    Beast, It is an outrage. Here's to hoping MJ gets well soon and Infomaniac makes a triumphant return.

    MJ, Thank you. Get well, soon. You go on ahead and take care of what you need to do. We understand, and we'll be here for you. Get some rest. Hopefully, you'll find some time to get back to restoring your blog. Until then, take care and hopefully, you're new computer works out and that life gives you a little room to sit down and relax for just a bit. We'll miss you, but we'll still be here for you.

    Roses, Awesome. I really do believe that our group efforts to get Blogger's attention has worked out really well. They've responded and showed a willingness to cooperate with us to restore Infomaniac. Good job, people! We make an incredible, fantastic team! Cheers, everyone!

  25. Dammit I was just about to try Splogging.
    btw I have "people in the know" trying to figure out which link on my blog is giving off the malware/gemini warning...
    I'm workin on it.

  26. I didn't get it until I tried the new Blogger DESIGN app..f*ck!

  27. Infomaniac is BACK!

    Oh yes bitches, we WON!!!!

    Eros, you rock. Look what you did!

    *happy dance*

  28. Well done in your efforts Eros, I salute you and all the other bitches that rallied to the cry.

    Power to the people!

    *changing from mourning attire into something more suitable for a celebratory occasion*

  29. Donn, Sploggers should try splooging--much more fun.

    I use AVG Anti-Virus Free (an excellent free antivirus program), and I've never had it flag a problem at your blog. Some antivirus programs catch false-positives. I'll update my antivirus (although it does that automatically when I log on line) and see if it notices anything weird on your site. But so far, nothing.

    Roses and Princess, This victory belongs to MJ and all Infomaniacs, who pulled together and took action to correct an injustice!

    Hooray for all our efforts! Our group action has paid off in returning Infomaniac to the masses--and it only took one weekend for us (a weekend!) to have Infomaniac restored. See? Together, we can move mountains!

    All that's left now is for us to see if there's a way to restore MJ's comments on our blogs. But getting Infomaniac back is a huge victory for all us Infomaniacs who worked hard and worked together to restore Infomaniac.

    Congratulations MJ and Thank you all for your continued support! You people rock!!!

  30. Respect, Eroswings, you really did a great job.

  31. [high-five]

    You did a super job taking the lead getting things set right. Well done, sir!

  32. Bitches, it is SO GOOD to be back!

    I would like to thank EROS who lead the campaign and to ALL of you bitches who pitched in.

    You went beyond the call of duty.

    free champers to everybody!!!

  33. I was sure I left a comment here earlier. They're disappearing again.

  34. Hi Eros, Just a Quickie to MJ. Her earlier comment at my place disappeared too. Her 2nd one was there last time I checked but I don't hold much hope in it remaining there for long...
    these were both left today!
    Some thing is still not right...

  35. Just for the record this from MJ appeared on your blog just above my comment posted at 7:15 am

    "I was sure I left a comment here earlier. They're disappearing again."

  36. Leni had posted a message on my blog last night, I got a copy in my in box-- but now its gone from my blog!

  37. The Blogger bots are still eating MJ's and Leni's comments at my place. :(

  38. Mago and XL, It took all of us working together to help get Infomaniac back on line. It's going to take a little more work on our part to make sure all the comments return!

    MJ and Princess, I've seen your thank you and reply, MJ--and I know that it's vanished from my blog. To Austere and XL, I've noticed the problem and something needs to be done.

    I've started a new post at Blogger Forum and I'm going to ask everyone to work together once more and get this new problem fixed. We can change things when we work together!