Saturday, May 29, 2010

Signs: Recreation

I've been busy the past two weeks. It's been crazy, chaotic, and exciting at the same time. Yesterday, after getting only 4 hours of sleep, I was on the road for 6 hours. I was feeling worn out, tired, and bit gruff. But about two hours before the end of a long drive, I saw this sign that made me perk up a bit and laugh.

That's right. It's a state park, called Choke Canyon at Exit 69!

I'm intrigued and plan to visit there when I find the time. It sounds very promising. I could use a little recreation.


  1. Was there a long time ago. I lived in Three Rivers even a longer time ago!

  2. XL, Awesome! That's cool you visited there.

    Apparently, I've read on the state parks site that there is fishing, boating, hiking, and bird watching and camping that takes place there. I like the outdoors stuff, especially exploring new places.

    I'm working on a post about Three Rivers. I never knew its significance in American civil rights and military history til I moved to Texas a long time ago.

  3. Take me to Choke Canyon, Mr Swings and I will take you to Wigglesworth...

  4. Tee Hee...

    I was just about to leave a smutty comment and then I realised I'm not at Infomaniac.

    What the hell...

    Don't forget to come up for air occasionally! :-) xxx

  5. Will you let him chew on your manglewurzel, Miss Scarlet?

    Miss Roses is a saucy minx. I'm quite certain she leaves smutty comments everywhere.

  6. ...I will have to give it a good scrub first.

  7. *snickering*

    *falling down laughing like a 12 year old boy*

    *y'all said sixty-nine*


  8. Finally a "Turn-OFF" that isn't

    wv fusen

  9. Scarlet B, That sounds like a plan! I'm sure Choke Canyon is a lot fun for two or more!

    Roses, Thanks for the safety reminder! I wouldn't want to injure myself while enjoying the recreation!

    MJ, I'm looking forward to sampling Scarlet's treats; and here I thought Roses was posting helpful advice to prevent accidents.

    Scarlet B, Much appreciated!

    Savannah, That sign made me smile after a long drive.

    Donn If there were more signs like that on the highways, there would be less road rage.