Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Good health

I had a physical exam done Monday. It's something I try to do at least yearly. Just a quick check up to make sure I'm okay. It doesn't cost much, and I figure this way, if I'm coming down with something, hopefully, it'll be detected early enough and treated before it becomes something more serious and costly.

I had some lab work done and my results were fine. My titers were good, but my immunization record showed that I was way over due for a Hepatitis B vaccine booster. The last time I got the shot was ten years ago. Now, they advise a booster shot every 5 years. Even though my titers showed that I still had good immunity, I decided to go ahead and get the booster shot. I didn't even feel a serious sting when the needle went in. I left the office feeling upbeat and proud that I was in good health, glad that I got my shots updated.

Then this morning, I woke up with a stiffness and soreness in my left arm, where I got the shot. It was a little hard taking a shower and getting dressed for work. By the time it was mid morning, the soreness and stiffness had spread to my left shoulder blade. My left shoulder was starting to hurt when I moved it, and it was very hard to type stuff while trying to keep my left arm in position. It was starting to distract me, and I found myself massaging my shoulder, trying to ease that growing pain.

I had forgotten how much it hurt getting that Hep B vaccine. I must've blanked it out--which probably explained why I didn't get that booster done years ago. I was starting to recall how painful and sore my arm was for days after getting that shot. I was really feeling it now. Right before lunch, my shoulder was throbbing! It felt like I had been hit by truck, robbed of my shoes, and left for dead on the side of the road!

I met a friend for lunch and he asked me what was wrong. I told him that my left arm was really sore and stiff from the booster shot I got during my check up. He cracked up and told me that I ought to try alternating arms when I'm giving myself a check up; and that using the other arm feels like it's a whole other person doing the check up. Bastard. I cussed him out and if my shoulder wasn't hurting, I'd've hit him. But I guess it's only fair, because last week, when he complained about a sore knee, I told him to try using knee pads when servicing his clients.

Luckily, after lunch, the pain lessened a bit and became tolerable. I was able to put it mostly out of my mind and finish my work. Now, it's just a dull ache. Tomorrow morning, I'll probably feel it getting worse again. But I've packed some pain killers to take to work with me. And in another day or two, the pain should go away all together, and I can return to doing more pleasant activities. But until then, I just have to remind myself that what does not kill me, makes me stronger.


  1. My Titers are fine too.
    Hope you're feeling better soon.

  2. I'm glad the soreness eventually went away. Isn't it weird how that works? Just a little pin prick, and it feels like you bench pressed a bus.

    I felt that way when I got a tetanus shot back in college. Yikes, that arm was tender!

  3. I've not had my titers checked. Am I missing out on something fun?

  4. we are all such children! *snickering*


  5. Just be glad you are not a dialysis patient... We give them the Hep B boosters in both shoulders... at the same time! Imagine having both arms that sore.

    If the soreness is lessening already, tomorrow it should be a bit better. Sucks that something that is good can feel so bad for a few days. Ice packs help too.

    You deserve a huge pat on the back for being proactive about your health, though. Men are notorious for not looking after themselves.

  6. I hate it when you do the right thing and have a healthcheck only to be shot in the arm with someting that causes pain for a couple of days... It just isn't fair.
    Hope that you are feeling better,
    I'd give you a big hug but i'd probably make your arm hurt..

    I usulally get hep B Shots in half doses as i had realy bad reactiond as a kid..

  7. What the hells are Titers?

    I hope your arm's better now, too.

  8. "Titter ye not!".

    (And if your shoulder aches...try alternative hands when you service clients! :-!)

  9. Scarlet B, I bet you do have a fine set of titers! My arm is still sore, but much better than yesterday, thank you.

    Tara, It is weird! I didn't really feel that needle at all! Then bam! The next day (and today) I'm really sore and hurting! That tetanus shot does hurt. I got mine updated two years ago, so another 8 years to go before I torture my arm again for tetanus.

    XL, Well, I just got the titers done because I needed to know if I still had immunity or needed to update my shots. I knew my tetanus was up to date, but I wasn't sure of the others.

    It didn't really hurt getting the blood drawn. I was asked if I would let a student lab tech draw the blood, and I said, Sure! I like to help out someone learn how to do their job well. She was nervous, but she did an excellent job. Just a tiny quick sting and then nothing.

    Savannah, Sometimes, it's the company we keep that brings out the best (and the naughtiness) in us. Certain friends make me think and act silly much quicker than others!

  10. Ponita, I really am glad I have reasonably good health--I can walk, run, jump and have all my limbs to use as I please. And I want to stay as healthy as long as I possibly can, so I embrace preventative health and do what I can to stay healthy.

    The arm didn't start hurting again til after lunch and it's sore now, but it's much more tolerable compared to yesterday. I'm pretty sure that it'll be fine by the weekend.

    My mom was very proactive about regular check ups when I was growing up. And my dad died unexpectedly when he was middle aged. I've seen a lot of people who ignore small symptoms and avoid check ups until they end up with something serious, that developed into something debilitating or even terminal. No one else is going to live my life for me, so I better start taking care of myself.

    Princess, That's smart having your dose in halves! My arm is sore, but I tell myself, Hey, at least I'm immune against Hep B. And the soreness will go away in few days; but Hep B is permanent and can be fatal. I like having a liver--it does a very good job of keeping me alive!

    IDV, Titers are basically lab work where they take blood from your veins to test to see the levels of antigens (immunity) you have in your body against certain illnesses. You develop antigens naturally by exposure to disease or by vaccines.

    My titers were for Hep B vaccine, Measles, and Chicken Pox. All my levels showed that I had good immunity. Not only did I get measles as a child, but I got immunized for it too when I was older. I also got the chicken pox when I was a kid. Those were great childhood illnesses, because I was out of school for a week long when I got sick with either illness--lots of treats, tv time, and just lazying about in bed! My arm is still sore, but feeling much better. I just wish I had a better excuse to take a week off to enjoy lots of treats, tv time, and just lazying about in bed!

    Kapi, If my shoulder doesn't get any better, I may try to train my feet to do some servicing! I've been told some people enjoy that!

  11. I'm guessing that I'm due for a Hep B booster too. I can't remember any pain from them. Did you get the pandemic vaccine? I'm wondering because that hurt like hell and I'm hoping that Hep B isn't as painful

  12. Snooze, I think if your titers are good, meaning you still have immunity, you may not need to get a booster. I just got mine because I figured, eh, why not? But I just forgot how sore I was for a few days afterwards.

    I didn't take the flu shots, because I think I maybe allergic to them, esp. after having had some serious adverse reactions that got progressively worse every year I took the flu shot. So, I don't take them anymore.

  13. It was a little hard taking a shower and getting dressed for work.

    I’m sure some of us could help you out.

  14. MJ & Scarlet, A helping hand or two is always appreciated.

  15. If you recall in Armageddon the Government won't take anyone over 50 into the bunker unless they are brilliant engineers or I am screwed.

    Long before a giant meteor hits the Earth a tsunamic greyt wave of Baby Boomers will be hitting the medical system. The Government will start calibrating a person's viability and just give all the tossers a placebo immunizations to make room for the younger tax payers.

    I know this because my arms never get sore when I get my shots.

  16. Ha! Ha!

    Donn, given the choice between experience and youth, I'd imagine the gov't would be better off taking a viable group of the smart, wise segment of the population than leave the future to a bunch of young idiots who have clue about life. Only the strong survive, but unless they're smart, too, they won't survive very long.

    We need smart people to survive and thrive. And some things can only be learned from experience.

    I bet the gov't has a big stake in keeping the senior population alive--after all, these are the people who vote for the gov't to stay in power.

    I wish my shots didn't end up being so painful. But I think it just might be me and my reaction to the immunizations.