Saturday, April 10, 2010

Another meme about me

The creative IDV tagged me to do a short meme. I've done a few of these before. But most of these questions are different and varied compared to the ones that I've done before. So, here we go. A short meme about me.

Where is your cell/mobile phone?

Bedside; silent mode.


Out front; needs to be washed; but it's going to rain this weekend.


Is a weird but fascinating musical. When it comes to hair, sure, I'll flow it; I'll show it; but I refuse to let it be a home for fleas and bees! Hell no!


Mother? I now have neither. And it's a strange feeling.

Your favorite thing?


Dream last night?

I was making a pound cake, which is really something I haven't had in a long while!

Favorite drink?


Alcoholic drink: Screwdriver!

2 parts orange juice
1 part vodka

Room you are in?

Living room.

Your ex?

Don't know; doesn't matter.

You are?

On the computer.

What do you want to be in ten years?

Still alive and enjoying life.

Who did you hang out with today?

Me, myself, I.

Don't want to be the bad guy
Don't want to make a soul cry
It's not that I love myself
I just don't want company
Except me myself I
Me myself and I
Just me myself I
~Joan Armatrading

What you're not?

I am not an animal!!!

I am a human being!!!


Are delicious.

One of your wish list items?

World Peace.

Where is the ____ ?


The last thing you did?


What are you wearing?

Underpants. What? It's my home! And I can wear whatever I want!

Your pet(s)?

None. Although, there are a few stray cats that I leave out food for when they visit my porch from time to time.

Your computer?

Is old but still working.

Your life?

Is still my own.

Your mood?



Everything but the girl...Like the deserts miss the rain.

What are you thinking about right now?

Damn! I wish I had eggs so I could make some pound cake!

Your shoes?

Are on the floor, by the door.

Your work?

Pays the bills.

You and me
We sweat and strain
Body all aching
And racked with pain
Tote that barge
Lift that bale
You get a little drunk
And you land in jail

I get weary
And sick of trying
I'm tired of living
And scared of dying,
But old man river,
He just keeps rolling along.
--Old Man River, Showboat (1936)

Your summer?

Will likely have hurricanes.

Hopefully, it'll be more of this kind of hurricane:

Your favorite color?

Blue. Although, I do like all the colors and their various combinations.

And there you have it. I'm not tagging anyone to do this. But if you do decide to go ahead and do it, then please let me know. That way, I can come on over and read all about you!


  1. Mmmmm, pound cake with crispy crust and drinks with fruit slices and umbrellas!

  2. Well done Mr Eros.

    I've just finished mine but think that i missed a couple of questions... oops.
    Not to worry....

    Pound cake sounds very inviting, and i think that hurricaines can be well done without for summer, having experienced the odd one or two over the years...

  3. As you know, I am a proponent of the joy of underwear.

    Are they Y-fronts?

    We need more details.

  4. Yes, where are the photos?

    Thanks for doing this meme. And thank you for reminding me of Missing by EBTG - Amazing song!

    P.S. Love the World Peace answer & pic!

  5. XL, Oh, yeah. Pound cake is delicious, warm or cold, with or without any frosting. And they're good with anything, even a cocktail drink! A few times, I've had a meal consisting of just pound cake and some tea!

    Princess, Thank you. I'm on my way over to read your answers!

    I actually prefer pound cake to chocolate cake! And yeah, it would be nice if there were no hurricanes in the summer; but nature follows its own course, and we just try to adjust to it or pay dearly. It's one of the hazards of living on the coast. But every place has its beauty and dangers. We just choose to live in the ones that appeal to us and deal with the challenges that come with them.

    MJ, There were just an old, comfortable pair navy blue of knit boxers. They look like running shorts if one doesn't pay close attention, and I've worn them and a T shirt with some shoes and walked out at night to check the mail.

    IDV, I'd have pictures, but my camera is broken and I still haven't found a new one that I like.

    This meme was fun. And that Missing song is awesome! One of my faves. Such a beautiful, haunting song. It takes me back to the first time I heard it, the summer of 1996, my first time ever living in the big city and exploring new places, meeting new people, and dealing with the complex relationships among friends and the people we become involved with. It's like a whole other lifetime, when I was still learning about myself and what I wanted in life.

    Yeah, every time I say that world peace answer, I think of beauty pageants. And that Miss Congeniality was hilarious!

  6. Oh oh!

    ...and harsher punishments for parole violaters, Stan!

  7. Okay, so where is the recipe for pound cake? You say it's better than chocolate cake.... I need to try it.

  8. Bugger. I forgot. I'm on a diet.

  9. I decided to do this meme, but I must've deleted the question about the muffin. I like blueberry, but I haven't had one of those in quite awhile!

  10. CP, Ha!

    Smilers wear a crown, losers wear a frown.

    Scarlet B, I've never been big on chocolate cake. They just don't seem as chocolaty as the candy bars. My fave cake has always been carrot cake, then pound cake.

    Angel food cake is supposed to be the healthy alternative in cakes. I've had few that I enjoyed.

    Tara, Great! I'm on my way to read your answers. And blueberry is one of my fave muffin flavors, along with banana nut and chocolate chip!

  11. I'm sorry, what was the question? I was distracted by the half-masticated cow rolling around in your wide-open trap.

    That is one of my favorite quotes from the movie.

  12. CP, Ha! There are so many funny lines from that movie!

    One of my faves is when he's teaching her to walk:

    Victor Melling: [teaching Gracie how to glide] See? Glide. It's all in the buttocks. Don't I look pretty?

    Gracie Hart: It takes a very secure man to walk like that.

  13. Victor Melling: Stop picking your feet up. Why are you picking your feet up?

    Gracie Hart: Because I'm preparing to run away.

  14. Ha! I luv Victor's and Gracie's dialogues!

    Victor Melling: Smilers wear a crown, losers wear a frown.

    Gracie Hart: I would so love to hurt you right now.

    Victor Melling: As long as you smile

  15. Victor Melling: What no armored car?
    Gracie Hart: That would be in my other dress.

  16. CP, I luv the backhanded compliments in that movie.

    Victor Melling to Gracie Hart: If I'd ever had a daughter, I imagine she might have been something like you... which is perhaps why I've never reproduced.

  17. True. It is one of my favorite comedies.

    Victor Melling: If you're Grace Hart I quit here and there.

  18. Heh. Heh. I laughed out loud when Victor commented upon seeing Grace Hart walk:

    The last time I saw a walk like that was in "Jurassic Park."

  19. I am appalled Miss MJ was so distracted by your underpants she missed a cake reference

  20. Beast, Perhaps something else caught her eye!

  21. *rushes of to rent Miss Congeniality for reviewing*

    I can't imagine living somewhere where there are hurricanes. Too wild for me. And I have to admit that I teared up for your answer to Father?

  22. Snooze, Miss Congeniality is hilarious--I esp. like the scenes that reference San Antonio, TX!

    I can live with hurricanes. I've lived through a week long blizzard, and I've decided that I prefer a hurricane over a blizzard any day! It was freakin freezing during that blizzard! Well, at least there's some advanced warning with a hurricane and a hurricane doesn't last more than a day or two.

    Yeah, that Father answer was the first thing that popped into my mind, and I figured, eh, just be honest with the meme and go with it.

  23. Mmmm...Pound Cake!

    I too deal with hurricanes. Not so bad really when you live in a hundred year old house...what hurricane? You get time off from life to lounge around in the backyard with the misters on listening to the people who should have been thinned out complaining about this that and the other waiting for the Red Cross to bring them stuff.

    Light a fire and shut up.

    I’m an eagle prepared.

  24. Ayem8y, Welcome!

    Ah, yes. You get used to hurricanes and prepping for them if you live in an area prone to hurricanes. I chuckle when I hear people complain about the storm surge washing out their homes to the open sea. Um, you built a house on sand just a few feet from the water, and you're surprised that the hurricane created waves that destroyed your home?

    Days off from hurricanes are great if you're prepared--if the power's out, then it's grilling time and candle light/hurricane lamp dinners. And it's kind of neat to walk around and survey the damage and see the awesome power of nature.