Saturday, January 26, 2008

See You Later, Alligator!

Recently, I found out that one of my favorite people to visit on line has taken a break.

Over the past year, MJ has entertained and advised the masses who flocked to her for some laughter, some fun, and just a plain old good time. Don't be deceived by that bewitching, innocent smile and seemingly harmless pose. The woman is an apex predator in the wilds of the internet Serengeti. A crocodile, she has ambushed many a prey who've wandered into her territory with her razor sharp wit and unpredictable humor. No one is safe when she stalks stealthily on other people's posts; when you least expect it, she launches out and grips you with her outrageous comments and you cannot escape as you find yourself unable to resist her charm.

She's made quite an impact on those of us who've come across her...and like any fearsome predator, her remnants remain valuable. As fashion expert CyberPete would agree, from the remains of a crocodile come beautiful purses, lovely belts, and fierce, fabulous boots. So, we're left (for now) with the brilliant remains of a fearlessly wicked, creative, smart, and innovative mind, and a unique, independent spirit...

So to MJ, I say, thanks for the memories...wishing you the best, and After A While, Crocodile!


  1. YAY!! FIRST!!

    She is one hell of a woman and I don't understand why she has to go but I'll miss her toxic fumes.

  2. Who said I'm gone?

    *strikes a "seemingly harmless pose" as pictured, and fires a Tampax at Tatas head*

    Beware my Kung Fu grip, BingoWings.

  3. Tatas: Put on your gas mask! MJ is back!

    MJ: Welcome back!

    *Cancels Prada's order for crocodile skin to make leather boots*
    *Trains neck muscles to withstand Kung Fu grip ;)*