Thursday, December 24, 2015

Peace on Earth

Every year, people ask me, "What do you want for Christmas?"

And every year, I say, "I want the same thing that every beauty pageant contestant wants: World Peace."

...And being declared the pageant winner, and therefore, the most beautiful, and evidenced by strutting down the walkway with a shiny crown and winner's sash for all the world to see...and hopefully not have the judges send the host over to say that there was a mistake and take away my crown and sash because I was not a winner but a loser, so get off the stage.

There may not be world peace now, but at the same time, in my small piece of the world, I have peace. And I hope you have it, too.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to y'all. May the holidays surround you with peace & love. And may the New Year bring you good fortune, good people, & good times.


  1. A Merry Merry to you, Eros!! All the best in the New Year!

  2. Happy Holidays, LX! Everyone should give peas a chance--they're surprisingly tasty.

    Thank you & Seasons Greetings, Savannah!

    Joy & Good Tidings to you, Ponita!

  3. We're pleased to see you pop up again for the holiday season.

    You win the beauty contest, by the way.

  4. Lovely to see you again, Eros! I've missed your thoughtful comments with their underlying innuendo.

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and that you have a happy New year, too!

    P.S. Now that you've won the beaty contest, will you be releasing a swimsuit calendar?

    ::crosses fingers and toes in barely contained hope::

  5. See how tongue tied Mr Device gets just talking to you Mr Swings *giggles*
    Merry Christmas to you and yours... and may we look forward to more peace in our lives in the coming year.

  6. Princess, I do believe that sucking on hard candy is a great way to loosen a tongue...

    And you're right; peace is wonderful & welcomed in our lives. Best wishes to you & your loved ones.

  7. MJ, Thank you for the well wishes. It's my joy this holiday season to visit you & many wonderful friends I've met online. Cheers!

    Waves to the crowd & takes a winner's strut down the catwalk, all while crying tears of joy that I won & beat out the rest of the other losers who are now plotting to end my reign by pushing me down the stairs or assassinating me by other means.

    IDV, Thank you for the kind words. It's great for me to visit you & so many awesome friends & people I've been lucky enough to meet online. I've missed being active in the blogosphere.

    The creative team & I are currently in development of not only a swimsuit calendar, but a series of lifestyle calendars: A cooking calendar where I'll show how to beat the meat & how to enjoy juicy, flavorful sausage; an organic farming calendar to demonstrate how to choke the chicken & proper milking technique to get the richest cream & show savory, scrumptious cheese; and an adventure calendar where I'll release the kraken & spank the monkey when it gets out of hand...I'll be sure to share any further developments

  8. Love that you pop up every Christmas, Mr Swings!!
    Merry Seasonal wotnots to you!!!

  9. Happy Holiday Season to & yours Scarlet! This time of year, I try to let the wonderful, kind, amazing people in my life know that I am thinking of them & thank them for their friendship & support. So, Thank you & Best wishes to you & yours!

  10. I might be late for Christmas greetings, but I am early for New Year shenanigans.

    As well as wishing you back to regular blogging, I also wish for you lots of fun and sparkly things, good health, oodles of fun and squishy hugs from great people and prosperity.

  11. Rose, Thank you for the kind wishes. Around here, the Holidays start the last Thursday of November with Thanksgiving & runs through Xmas to end New Year's Day; though the retailers are trying their hardest to push it to Valentine's in February. There are already Valentine's Day items on display in some stores! Happy New Year's to you & yours. May the new year bring you peace, joy, & good food, good people, good health, & good times.

    IDV, Help is on the way!
    Immediately puts on Emergency Medical Technician uniform per Emergency Response calendar development team instructions & checks patient's pulse & breathing to see if patient needs mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.