Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Emergent Service Workers of the World Unite!

You have nothing to lose but the time you waste on the internet doing useless quizzes!

I recently took the Great British Class calculator, not because I am British or looking to define my class status.  Rather, I had some free time.  And instead of using that free time to do something useful on a chilly day, like putting the caster wheels on the wire shelves or cleaning out the closets, I narrowed my choices down to internet surfing or video games.  Since I have a video game addiction, I naturally opted for internet surfing.

I'm not British, and I have no clue what makes a person a commoner or a noble; I'm guessing to be a royal, you're either born into it or marry into it (and not get kicked out, which I'm pretty sure is preferable compared to getting your head chopped off as the alternative to exiting the royal family).  In some places, class is determined by pedigree, where you're born and which family you were born into; in other places, you earn it, through study and work; but I think for most places, it comes down to wealth, to money, those who have it and those who don't.  And according to the Great British Class calculator, I don't have a lot:

The results say that I am an Emergent Service Worker, which is one step above the Precariat, the lowest and poorest of all the classes!

Emergent service workers

This class group is financially insecure, scoring low for savings and house value, but high for social and cultural factors. According to the Great British Class Survey results, lots of people in this group:
  • Are young
  • Enjoy a cultured social life
  • Rent their home - almost 90%

Which I shall translate into American English as:  I am broke, but I'm lots of fun, and quite possibly, fabulous! 

So, which class are you?


  1. Serf!

    PS: What do you do with your wire shelves? I have several for DVDs, books, whatnots, TV/sound system, shoes/accessories.

  2. Ha!

    LX, I use my wire shelves for storage and display, just like you! I have a large 3 tiered one for the TV and stereo; some tall big 4 tiered ones for books and DVDs and storage boxes; I've one large 3 tiered one in the closet for extra space to hold folded clothes, towels, and bedding; also shoes; and I've a 4 tiered medium one in the kitchen for extra storage of pots/pans, cutting boards, appliances, etc. And I've a medium 4 tiered one in the living room just to aesthetically display pictures, art, trinkets, and shiny craft/gift items. I've actually spread out some fun arts & crafts stuff on the shelves to make them look fun and colorful.

    I bought caster wheels on sale recently, and I figured they would make moving the shelves much easier when I have to vacuum and clean up the place. The casters will be my weekend project.

  3. elite? wtf??? i think i may have to take it again because i don't think i did the GBP to USD correctly! ;) xoxox

  4. Savannah, I don't need a calculator to tell me you're elite! Because you are a class act all the way!

  5. Precariat, that is "emergent service worker" gone old.

  6. Silly British class system. IT IS SILLY. You, my friend, are too good for it.

  7. Mago, Ha! I will count myself very lucky and fortunate if I live long enough to reach Precariat!

    Scarlet, Thank you, Scarlet! I have no clue about the British class system. I don't even know where the Count from Sesame Street would rank. But I do know that you are a classy lady, peerless and absolutely fabulous!

  8. I'm late to this post (I was vacationing in Mexico and/or working extra shifts) but did the test too. I am "Established Middle Class", which is where I would have rated myself. Although the secure and established part isn't really true. The bank owns most of my house and I do have a fair bit of debt, but I guess it's an honest assessment.

  9. Ponita, Mexico is the perfect place to spend winter! Especially after clearing all that snow from your house and drive way!

    The fact that the bank trusts you enough to lend you money for the house is proof enough that you're way ahead of the curve!

    And I don't need a test to tell me what I all ready know about you: You're absolutely amazing and fearless!