Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I've not been able to visit around the internet as much as I'd like. I've been very busy at work. Since it's summer, some of my colleagues have taken off for vacation, leaving their clients in my care. I find myself working long hours, late into the night, providing excellent service to these clients. Though, I confess that all these long hours and the intensive, personal attention dedicated to servicing these clients are starting to wear me out.

My thighs and shoulders are sore from being in positions that I normally don't use regularly. At least, not until the client asks for it specifically and pays for it. And it would be nice to wear my regular, comfortable clothes for a while, rather than dress up to meet the clients needs and expectations.

And while I like the extra money I'm making and the repeat customers who enjoy my work, often requesting my services several times a week, I'm ready for a few days off. Rather than spend my time pleasing clients, I'd like to take some time to do the things that please me, things that I enjoy and find great pleasure in. I can't wait for this week to be over. I'm due for some much needed rest and relaxation.


  1. Are you guys having the killer 100+ weather too? That can certainly drain one as well.

    Have a Piña Colada and escape!

  2. Before I read this post, I had no absolutely idea what you did for a living. Now, I still have absolutely no idea.

    Even though I know what it sounds like :-S.

  3. I'm with Kapi on this one.
    Do you work for a home visiting contortionist team?
    As a removalist for frequent home movers?
    A model for private life drawing sessions?
    Regardless try to have a quiet and relaxing weekend...

  4. Thankfully it's not Monday, it's Wednesday, and it's almost over (at least by a handful or so of hours). Friday and the weekend will be here and you must do whatever you damn well please! You've earned it!

  5. Oh, I know what Eros does.

    * looks smug *

    He's a tease!

    Enjoy your days off, Eros.

  6. If you're going to end up adopting unusual positions for your clients, for goodness sake find an osteopath. You don't want to end up with back problems.

    You'll never be able to please your loads of clients then.

    Rest up honey, can't have you worn out just yet.

  7. XL, Yes! We're in the hot zone here! Thank goodness for AC, esp. AC in bars during happy hour!

    *Raises glass*

    Kapi, I'm am a professional in the service industry. The goal being the customer comes first!

    Princess, Clients come to me to meet their needs in a secure location, confidentiality guaranteed.

    I did have a chance to be off for a four day weekend, but one of my colleagues had an emergency and I was asked if I could handle his clientele for the day...I said yes...because I'm stupid and I'm helping out a friend.

  8. Tara, Hear! Hear! One more day and I'm off! Then I can do nothing and be happy!

    MJ, I feel like Julia Roberts--without the horse teeth and firecrotch...

    IDV, Titillating clients is part of the profession!

    Thank you. I look forward to enjoying some well earned time off.

    Roses, Good advice; thank you.

    Some of the clients need special handling when they come for personalized services. I aim to please! I am a professional, after all!

    I've got a weekend of beach fun and a day trip planned--after some serious nap time!

  9. Eros - please email - I need assistance desperately - I have been referred here by my Mistress MJ - see below....

    I had my two blogs shut down for a while today.

    They say I breached their T&C's - altho i have NO idea how.

    Could you ask one of those lovely ppl who helped you to email me so I can ask how to investigate this further?

    Thanking you my Mistress

    slave Damien
    aka Mr Nude Infomaniac 2009

  10. Oh Damien, that's just pants! Good luck sweetie.

    I hope Eros can help.

  11. Damien, Sorry for the late response. I'll help you out any way that I can.

    A few things I've learned from the whole disappearing blogs and vanishing comments experience.

    1. If your blog has been labeled as spam by bloggerbots, it's usually because you have a lot of links to other sites, that makes your blog look like it's a splog (spam blog).

    2. Blogger usually sends you an email or some sort of notice either through Gmail or when you try to sign in, to let you know what's going on and how you can restore your blog.

    3. It was the Blogger Help Forum that we posted on to get help, and working with them, we were able to restore the missing blogs and disappearing comments.

    4. It's going to take a little time for the Blogger Help Forum to investigate and solve your problem, because there are a lot of spammers and some legit bloggers also asking for help on the Forum. It usually takes them a few days (three days or less) to return your blogs after it has been reviewed. The important thing is to never give up.

    I've to be out of town this weekend, and I may not have access to the internet. But I'll try to help you out.

    Roses, I'll do my best.

  12. I just read on Damien's blog that his step-dad has passed away and that Damien won't be blogging for awhile.

    Thanks for responding to his query.

  13. I think you need a head to toe massage from some sweet young thing. Or a beer. Rest up!

  14. @ Good luck with your blogs, Damien. I imagine what you're going through and MJ's advice was the best!

    Eros, I hope you can take your well deserved vacations soon. I'm already roasting and having a hedonistic lifestyle in the sunny beaches, just 40 miles from Ibiza, ;)

  15. Eroswings or ErosWings or EroSwings: What is the correct spelling of your name?

    And I want a io-gallon hat and a one-inch brain like George Dubya. Or is that NOT your department in Texas, where, in fact, everything is actually SMALLER, I'm told?

  16. Be careful, or you may end up on your back on the kitchen floor all nekkid and cold with back issues. Like me.

  17. MJ, Oh, so sorry about Damien's stepdad. I wish him much strength and peace at this time.

    Snooze, I got to do exactly what I needed--a nice day at the beach and having fun with friends.

    Leni, Lucky you! I, too, went to the beach. I wish I was only 40 miles from Ibiza! I'm trying to enjoy as much of the sun before the cold winter starts coming in.

    WW, Everything is smaller on George W Bush!

    I was originally going for Eros Wings, but when I had to log in to blogger, it was shortened to eroswings, which I kind of like; it reminds me of the e.e. cummings style, that blatant disregard for stifling structure in favor of uncensored expression.

    CP, You should always warm up before attempting strenuous nekkid activities in the kitchen. Sorry to hear about your back. I hope it gets better.

  18. Happy Monday honey. How was your weekend? Did you find some time to relax and have fun? Or were you using your excellent customer service skills?

  19. I think you do something with a truncheon. I'm close aren't I????

    Weirdly... my current post keeps linking to every blog I go to and I don't know why?

  20. Roses, I had a good weekend off, going to the beach, hanging out with friends, and eating at my favorite local places. Just what I needed after a long week at work.

    I hope you're finding some time to enjoy the little things in your part of the world.

    Scarlet, I do use specialized tools from time to time in my work ;)

    I'm not sure why your current post is linking to this one, but hey, I don't mind. Perhaps your blog just wants to leave a calling card at all the blogs you visit.

  21. So long as Blogger doesn't take offence and think I'm up to no good.
    Weird though... I've not pressed anything I shouldn't have, which is an odd thing for me to say.

  22. Scarlet, It's probably one of those Blogger glitches, as they are usually trying to update their system to keep up with the changing technology. But hey, at least it's a harmless glitch and nothing serious.

  23. Happy Friday honey. Apparently, it's Friday 13th....ooooo.

    Are you relaxing this weekend? Or are you servicing your clients?

  24. Hello Eros, just dropping by ... hope you are well?

  25. Roses, I had a great relaxing weekend--and I needed it, too as things are getting hectic at work. I can't wait get off this weekend as well.

    Mago, Hi! I'm doing fine, thank you, just very busy. I hope you are doing well, too. I'm hoping to get some more free time off this weekend to cruise the internet and visit some blogs. Thanks for dropping by!