Sunday, July 18, 2010

Thank you!

Thank you everyone for your support and your cooperation. All our efforts and hard work paid off. MJ's and Leni's missing comments have returned! And all their new comments are staying put, instead of being erased! We did it! Working with Blogger has paid off!

I want to thank every single one of you who took the time to spread the word, joined our campaign, and supported us over the past month. You took the time to make a difference. You made it possible to return Infomaniac after it was removed from blogspot. You participated and took time to join our group efforts to return the missing comments. Every step we took together in this long journey has finally resulted in achieving our goal: MJ's and Leni's comments have returned!

This whole month long struggle was more than just about returning some missing comments. It was about standing up and doing the right thing. In this day and age, we hear so much about the apathy and lack of caring that seems so prevalent in the world. They say people just don't care anymore, that we're selfish and all we do is complain. But they are wrong!

This whole experience proved that people still care! You've proven that there are still so many amazing, wonderful people in the world who choose to come together, form a community, and look out for each other. You've proven that the incredible power of a group of people working towards a common cause is alive and well. You took the time to bring about change! Your participation and support made it all possible! Together, we really did reach the stars and changed the fates!

Thank you so much for being strong, supportive, and for being with us throughout the whole campaign! You made it happen! You lent us your voice and your strength and made our group efforts even more powerful and successful! You were part of an amazing campaign, and you're part of an unbelievably wonderful and fantastic community of powerful people who bring about great change! You can take pride in your work and be proud of what you've done. You stood up for what's right and you came to the aid of people who needed your help. You made the difference. You made it happen. Thank you so much for your time. Thank you so much for your support. Thank you so much for all your hard work!

And if I can ask you one more time for your participation. Please visit this thread here. (Right click on link and open in New Tab or New Window). And thank Nitecruzr, Gatsby, DarkUFO, and the entire Blogger Team for working hard to restore the missing comments and keeping the new comments from MJ and Leni from disappearing.

Thank you everyone! You're truly an astounding and marvelous group of people!


  1. I second Eros' request that everyone who submitted a report to Blogger also post a thank you comment to the tech support guys.

    I work in IT and no one ever says more than three words to me unless it is to complain about something. So I know those guys would really appreciate any kind words!

  2. Done! Thank you, Eroswings, for being such a fantastic guide: if you hadn't made it so easy I'd probably have just slunk away feeling guilty and useless.

  3. Thank You, sugar! i left my thanks at the forum as well! y'all are a real pal and i am honored to know you! xoxoxoxo

  4. Concider it done Me Eros,

    But please... do not playdown the dedication, effort and continued impact that You had on this situation through your dogged determination to make a change... along with your innate sense of justice and a fair go...
    Your continued 'call to arms' of fellow bitches and strategic game play I am certain had a huge impact in organising the approach to the blogger team and what a terrific outcome your sense of cooperation and inclusion has had

    People of your calibre Eros are a very rare Gem to find indeed.

    thankyou for being you....

    Oh.. and BTW...don't playdown all this Kudos either.. You have earned it! Stand proud and accept the acolades...

  5. XL, I totally agree that it's nice to acknowledge good people doing good work and let 'em know how much their efforts are appreciated. I'm really happy that the missing comments have returned and it took everyone's help and cooperation with Blogger to make it happen.

    Eryl, It was a team effort! Without your support (and everyone else's), we wouldn't have succeeded in our campaign. Everyone who took the time to help us out deserves praise and has our thanks and gratitude.

    Savannah, Thanks! And I'm real glad to know you, too! You're support has been very important to our efforts. Thank you for caring.

    Princess, The success of our campaign was the result of fantastic teamwork. I wouldn't have been this successful on my own. Your support (and everyone else's) gave our efforts great strength.

    It took everyone of us working together to make this happen. Thank you for taking the time and making the effort to support us all the way. Every bit of help we got made all the difference. We all did it together by working hard and focusing our actions. We really can do great things together!

  6. Without your leadership, Eros, and the teamwork of my Infomaniac Bitches, I might have walked away and given up hope when my blog disappeared and when my comments vanished.

    I just didn't have the time or energy to fight.

    You all amaze me with your dedication, support and teamwork.


  7. MJ, You put so much hard work and effort to entertain us at your blog and your comments are always welcomed at ours. The least we could do was stand up for you and work together to save the incredible work you've put together over the years to entertain and embrace us.

    We heart you, too!

  8. Eros, this was a collective effort, but we all know that without YOU it wouldn't have been possible.

    There were times when I was hopeless and was about to give up, but you were always there full of energy and ideas.

    I second all fellow Infomaniac bitches.

    Princess explained it very well in his comment and we all agree on that, my dear. So big hug, big applause, big kiss to you! :))

  9. Eros you are a Star!

    Well done. Rallying the troops and being a pain in the arse until Blogger sorted itself out.

    We are lucky indeed to have you...and each other.

    I'm missing Infomaniac dreadfully, but my Sister-in-Law would really kill me if her precious son followed me to see pictures of old poofs and dodgy willies! :-)

    Lots of love to you all! xxxxx

  10. Leni, Coming up with the ideas was hard. But hoping and trying to drum up support was harder and uncertain. There wasn't a guarantee that anyone would support my ideas, but I had faith in our friends and fellow bloggers. I knew that we were in the company of some wonderful, caring people who would lend us their strength and join our cause.

    Without their help and support, I don't think our campaign would've been as successful. But we are truly blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful people in our online community!

    Roses, Ha! Ha! Yes, Infomaniac is not for children!

    I am really lucky to know you and so many other amazing, genuine, caring people online. We really are a true, living, thriving, international community! It was everyone working together that made our plans such a tremendous success. And I am so grateful for everyone supporting us and joining us in our efforts. That group support made all the difference!

  11. I was not part of this campaign, but what a successful mission! Good job, everyone!

  12. kabuki says many thanks, and kabuki will gladly bear all your children.

  13. Guess it's okay if Kapitano treats kabuki-san for/as "thank-you-eros" ... the cosmic equilibrium seems to be restored for seconds ...

    And yes, I saied "Thank you" at the thread, Franconians know how to behave. Mostly.

  14. Tara, Thank you. I'm truly proud of everyone who took part in the campaign. It's amazing what a few people can do when they start working together!

    Kabuki, You're welcome! Thanks for the offer to carry my children. Don't worry. I've none to lug around at this time, thankfully. But I'll keep your offer in mind when I have to move.

    Mago, I think it's always a great practice to thank people who worked together successfully for all their efforts. It leaves a good feeling and opens up the door to future collaborations should we need to work together again to solve any future problems.

    Snooze, Thanks. It's the power of the people! Together, we've done some incredible things!

  15. Group hug!

    Note I said group, not grope.


  16. Hey! Roses pinched my bottom!

  17. Ok, Group grope! Sorry, hug! LOL

  18. xl, was only a little pinch.

    Oh hai Leni, it always turns into a grope session...

    Okay, who's hand is on my bum?

  19. Roses, We are open to hugs...and apparently, gropes, too!

    XL, So it's a group grope then?

    Leni, Squeeze in! Looks like a lot of people are up for a grope, er, group hug.

    Roses, This group gives a whole new meaning to helping hands!

  20. Hai Roses, Hai Infomaniacs! Have a nice weekend! Keep groping! LOL

  21. Leni, Have a great weekend to you, too!