Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring and things

It's been quite a busy week for me as I try to enjoy spring. There were a few nice sunny days, including St Patrick's Day, that made going to the beach really nice. There were lots of people down here for Spring Break, the annual week long break from schools when college kids and young people flock to the beaches to swim, sun, and surf. It's basically a week long beach party. We didn't have Spring Break where I grew up (and it remains so to this day), but we did have beach parties, and I certainly learned to enjoy Spring Break from the first time I experienced it.

Sometimes, it can get crazy with the mix of alcohol and hormones. Everyone is out to have a good time. Most times, it's a fun event. But there are some trouble makers who like to show off and try to impress people with how cool they are by either doing stupid stunts--like diving off the pier (I actually know a person who broke his neck doing that and became a quadriplegic); starting fights--because they think they're so tough with their friends behind them; or just getting stupid drunk with no designated driver (and I've seen a lot of them get arrested or worse, crash into buildings and other vehicles, causing harm to others). I'd like to think that nothing surprises me now at Spring Break. But I was wrong.

I was shocked to be out on the beach with some friends near midnight, when we came across three 13 year old girls wandering the beaches! Their families were visiting the area for Spring Break, and the girls decided to go out late at night to mingle with the crowds. Bad idea! Really, where the hell were their parents? My female friends tried to gently tell the young teens to head back to their hotel, where it was probably safer. And we walked them to their hotel, which was about 2 miles from where we we met these kids! I have to say, I was appalled that their parents would even let them out this late! 13 year old girls have no business wandering strange beaches at night, where drunk college kids and trouble makers roam and party, doing some pretty adult things.

Okay, so I did sneak out of the house when I was 12 to hang out with my cousin and the older neighborhood kids. But my cousin was an older teen, and he looked out for me, making sure I wasn't going to get into trouble. Granted, we ended up doing some juvenile delinquent things with my cousin and his friends, but we never really went out to hurt anyone or ourselves. At least my cousin and the crew made sure I would get back home in one piece.

Some of my friends from out of town came down to hang out for Spring Break. So once again, I was playing host. That was fun going to the beach with them. I took my camera out there and took lots of pictures. Unfortunately, I found out Friday that my camera is now malfunctioning. I probably need a new one. So I'm going to have to research for a new one, hopefully find one that's waterproof and shatterproof. I fear all my adventuring may have been a little bit rough on my old camera. It's been to mountains and deserts, woods and hills, beaches and lakes, across continents and many other places. That camera is over 7 years old. But it was great while it lasted. Kind of the sunny days in spring.

It got really cold and rainy Saturday. So no beaches. And it got really chilly too at night. It's still very chilly right now. I'm trying to enjoy the cool weather, because in a month, the heat is going to start burning up my part of the world. It's going to get hotter and more humid as the months go along. And come June, it'll be hurricane season again til the end of September. But that's life--things happen, time moves on, and things change. We just keep on living and moving forward.


  1. Did you get to judge any wet t-shirt contests?

  2. And come June, it'll be hurricane season again til the end of September. But that's life--things happen, time moves on, and things change. We just keep on living and moving forward.

    amen, sugar! thank you for this gentle reminder. oxoxoxox

  3. You have the best attitude towards life, Eros! I love reading your posts!!

  4. XL, Ha! I wish! Although with the rains recently, there sure were a lot of wet T shirts :)

    Savannah, You're welcome. Sometimes, I have to stop and think about where I am and take time to appreciate life. So long as I'm living, I've a chance to do the things that make me happy.

    Ponita, Thanks. Every now and then, I have to remind myself to live life fully, enjoy the moments when they happen, and keep on going.

  5. I'd like a Sony Sweep Panorama - I don't know how tough they are though?
    People get silly in England as well. Some of them jump off the cliffs onto rocks. Some of them die. I don't understand why the parents let teenagers as young as 14 go away on their own either. They get into a lot of trouble.

  6. You have award over at my place! Eros, c'mon down!! :)

    And Happy Spring!!

  7. Scarlet B, There are so many great cameras out there now. I'm doing a lot of research before I buy another one--hopefully a good one that can take the rough tumbles and a little spray from the water. I also want it to be compact so I can just stick it in my pocket when I go places.

    That is ridiculous when parents let 14 year olds go off on their own somewhere. That's definitely asking for trouble!

    Tara, Aw, thank you so much! It's such a nice surprise! It's definitely a great way to start the week! I hope you get some nice sunshine and warmth up in your part of the world!

  8. Hurricane season must be so cool , I like a bit of weather , and my favourite weather condition is wind and thunderstorms (During the day) for some reason Thunderstorms scare me at night.
    Its still cold and wet here :-(

  9. *peeved to have arrived during one of Beast's "wind" storms*

    Anyway, you're going to need a camera next week for my upcoming compo.

  10. Beast, So long as you're prepared for hurricane season, you'll be all right. It's only the twits who like to build on the beach who lose their million dollar mansions when the storm surge washes their homes out to sea. There's a reason why locals don't build homes on the sandbars.

    I like storms, too. But it's the awful humidity that comes after a hurricane that drives me crazy. Still, I'll take heat over a blizzard any day.

    MJ, Just stay upwind and you'll be all right.

    I'm working on getting another camera. I'm planning on taking part in the contest. I'll borrow a camera if I need to.

  11. I can't imagine wandering around a strange area at night when I was 13. Sure, I started drinking and wandering at 15, but again, that was in my own area, and like you, with friends/brothers to watch out. It was really sweet that you and your friends looked out for them.

  12. Snooze, I know, right!?! That was kind of creepy finding 13 yr olds wandering strange beaches! My friends and I figured escorting them back to the hotel was probably the safest thing to do. I'd like to think that if any of my nieces and nephews were stupid enough to wander strange places, someone would be kind enough to make sure they'd be safe on their way home.