Sunday, August 23, 2009


I usually check my mail about once a week--usually I get a lot of junk mail, some bills, and the occasional business or government related matter. Rarely do I even get any personal letters anymore, as most people have cellphones or use email. So imagine my surprise at finding a great piece of personal mail.

Check it out! I got a postcard from CyberPete!

CP is currently on a tour of America, having first stopped in Las Vegas, he is currently going up the California Coast and will eventually end his adventure in Chicago. He is visiting some really great cities, and I envy his fantastic voyage. I hope he's having a good time!

Thanks for the postcard, CP!

If you can think of any fun things to make his trip in America memorable and fun, feel free to send him some advice or tips at his fabulous blog, Difficult by Design.

Have a safe and fun trip, CP! Go out everyday (and night) and take lots of fotos! Explore those great places and try new things!


  1. Hope Pete's having a good time.

    I've been to Vegas once. Stayed at The Mirage. After the cat bitey incident so I didn't see S&R.

  2. Oh fun!! I love postcards! I have never been to Chicago, CyberPete, but I hope that you have fun and have had lots of fun during your other excursions to America!

  3. XL, Oh, I wish I had gotten tickets to see the Siegfried and Roy show as I went before the tiger attack!

    I've been to Vegas twice and both times, there was never enough time to do all the things I wanted to do. It was still a lot of fun, though.

    Tara, I luv postcards, too. It's fun to get a postcard of places that friends are visiting. I keep a collection of all the postcards I've gotten over the years.

  4. I have been to Chicago and saw the fattest traffic cops I have ever seen , there were more enormously fat people stumbling about on Navy Pier . I went out on a boat trip and up the Sears Tower both of which were fogged in so I didnt see anything . I was most amazed by the colour of the lake water , it was very blue , do they dye it ??The food was wonderful :-)

  5. Beast, America is full of fat cops--comes from all the free donuts they get from the shops! The miracle of Navy Pier is being able to hold not only a ferris wheel and carnival rides and stores, but fat Americans as well. I got a shot glass from the gift shop at Sears Tower, but one of my roommates broke it--bastard! That great lake is a beautiful, clean blue--but I know that come St Patrick's Day, they dye the river green!