Thursday, February 5, 2009


I have to leave town for two weeks. I will not be able to post or reply til I return. I will not have internet access (and will be quite busy). So, I'm not ignoring you, I just have some things to take care of. When I come back, I'll try to catch up with everyone. Thank you.

And Happy Valentine's Day to all!

Here's a link to last year's Valentine's post to celebrate this lovely day, as I'll be away this year.


  1. I hope everything's okay and the trip goes well!

  2. IS there anywhere on Earth that DOESN'T have Internet access?

    Where are you going?

    I'll just stare at your bare pec pics until you return.


  3. MJ, I have to take a some travel time to take care of a few things. I'm not taking my laptop with me. But I'll be back in just over two weeks.

    *Returns to packing*

  4. I think you should take your laptop with you. tut.
    Have a safe trip and a Happy Valentine's Day.

  5. I was unaware that there was a mini-package available for the Witness Protection Program?

    Enjoy the respite from society...
    and from those criminal elements who are very interested in altering your testimony in a court of Law.

  6. We trust you're packing framed photographs of all of us for your bedside table.

  7. How can you possibly leave us behind like that !?!

    I feel so abandoned. Still, happy Valentines Day.

  8. p.s. I'll miss you.

    *resumes ogling pec pics*

  9. Have a safe trip and I hope that all gets sorted out with the minimum fuss or pain. As a somewhat new reader of Eros Den, I loved the link to last year's post. Great take on the fun and often overlooked sides of sex.

  10. Where are those pecks?

    Bring back the pecks!

  11. So you are back today right?

  12. I think you should be back by now?

  13. so, where are you, sugar? ;) xoxo

  14. HE, Thank goodness for those mini-packages, otherwise, I'd've had to take on an Amish identity, and I don't like cleaning up after animal poop!

    MJ, To ensure that I don't get prosecuted for transporting possibly illegal (and immoral) material across state lines, I've decided it's best that I leave those fotos at home.

    CP, Sometimes, we do things because we must. I hope the others have been comforting you in my absence. Happy Belated Valentine's to you!

    MJ, Thanks!

    *resumes striking a pose*

    MJ, I've done left and returned--well, almost home at least.

    Snooze, Thanks! We work hard to make sure our public is informed and get satisfying results.

    *Reaches for lighter*

    CP, I'm assuming MJ meant these, or those were camera flashes while I saw while showering!

    *resumes slowly soaping up in the shower*

    MJ, Can you hear me now?

    CP, The pecs have returned from a long, long, long journey and will be resting soon.

    MJ, Ahh, and I've missed y'all, too!

    Mutley, Thanks. It's good to be back home.

    Scarlet B, I'm back--sort of. All shall return to normal shortly.

    Savannah, I've just got back to Texas tonight, and while my friend is sleeping, I'm using her internet to do a short reply before I crash to sleep!

    Ponita, I'm here now! And I'm almost home.