Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tillykke, CyberPete!!!

Congratulations to CyberPete, winner of the the Freakin’ Green Elf Shorts!

The Shorts embark on a conquest of Vikingland!!!

To celebrate his victory, Ida Corr and Fedde Le Grand presents some of CyberPete's favorite things: Hotties, Heels, and Hoodies ;)

Well, I'm sure he'll get used to wearing a hoodie, after all, Kylie Minogue wears one ;)

Head on over to CP's Cafe where he's cooking up a storm, and offer him your heartiest congratulations and get ready to meet the most fashionable Viking since Bjork and Helena Christensen!


  1. YAY!!! Baby bear Is first.

    CP: The Elf Shorts Diva.

  2. First off, you do Björk is from Iceland right?

    That Fedde Le Grand track is so great that I actually have it on my mobile.

    I can forgive Kylie anything, although technically there is nothing to forgive as that's not really a hoodie hoodie. The sports/leisure kind.

    A fashion hoodie is something else entirely. Although this is not the best photo of Kylie.

    But do stop by for a slice of gayer cake

  3. Now, I know I said I wanted a red hoodie after watching Juno, but now I want a floaty red hoodie like Kylie's - So glam!

    I'm sorry that you lost your uncle, Eros - I haven't been around properly so I missed your last few posts.
    I'm glad you're over your cold, though.

  4. Don't eat the gayer cake or you'll go all poofy.

  5. Well I would rather Bingowings eat it and get all poofy

  6. Tatas: As always, you're just right...watch out for that intruder Goldilocks!

    CP: Are you sure Bjork's not from outer space?

    That Fedde dude is awesome! Luv "Put your hands up for Detroit", but if you're going to visit Detroit, you'll definitely be putting your hands up...while they mug you and take your valuables.

    As for Kylie's pic, yes, I'm disappointed, too...I mean, where's the side boob!???! ;)

    That cake does look delicious!

    IDV: Thank you for your thoughts...I haven't been around either lately, as I had agreed to swap some dates with some workmates...

    I feel no strong desire for the hoodie, but for Kylie, I'd take her with or without the hoodie...

    MJ: Will I have magic powers like fairy godparents? :)

    IDV and CP: I suppose I can eat the cake; I'll just add some beer to the mix; you know, so I can blame whatever happens afterward on the alcohol ;) You know, when I get all excited...from the sugar rush ;)

  7. works for me ;)

    That song is awesome yes. I can't help but being annoyed about Helena Christiansens ad for "turn it to 40 with Ariel" somebody tell her she's a hasbeen please

  8. CP, I'm sure someone probably told her all ready; but at her age, the memory (and the hearing) is the first thing to go ;) Still hot though ;)